Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Best Homeschool Mom Blog...
Best Encourager...

I never know quite what to say when this happens... I'm always a little shy, and astonished, and especially find myself wanting to point all eyes in the direction of other nominees who are generally wiser, more experienced, and have blessed me more than I ever could in return!

But to the kind friends who nominated me in these two categories, well, consider yourselves hugged, and invited into this *schoolhouse*! You will find my lesson plans scratched onto wrinkled paper, torn from my son's English notebook. You will find that I almost never have an original thought, rather I am inspired and spurred on by so many others who have gone before and have been kind enough to share their experiences and knowledge.

And you will find a heart that has been pulled from the depths on many occasions by you, all of you, and desires only to give back a portion of what's been given.

You bless me so! Thank you.

(Anyone may vote until December 15th.)
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