Monday, September 04, 2006

Lego Wounds

The sign on Corban and Micah's bedroom door says "Caution: Boys at Play". It is not just a cute sign with a double meaning. It is not a suggestion. It is warning you to exercise caution as you enter the realm of LEGOLAND!
I can't count how many times I've bruised the bottom of my foot stepping on a teeny tiny lego. We have 5 - count them - 5 bins of legos! And some of those suckers are hard to see in the carpet!
I snapped a picture today of Corban and Micah, down on the floor, surrounded by thousands of tiny, multi-colored pieces of plastic designed to snap together, but, I am ultimately convinced, secretly made to injure parents and prevent them from stepping foot inside their children's rooms. It works. I prefer to speak with my boys from the relative safety of the doorway.
But this afternoon I decided to throw caution to the wind and help them find some semblance of order in their room - if only just for today. They showed me their creations - Corban has a great eye for building flying ships from his imagination, and Micah loves to create different kinds of soldiers. As we scooped legos into our hands to drop into the bins, I smiled in satisfaction. Then Corban said, "You know, Mama, these are just going to be all over the place again tomorrow." I know. And that's just fine. But until I lose my mind again and venture over their threshold, I prefer to let my "boys at play" be just that. Boys at play. What a fun time for them to be enjoying! They have the rest of their lives to be Men at Work, or Husband's on the Job, or Daddy's Giving Horsey Rides.
As long as they keep their "play" out of the way of my poor feet.
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