Monday, September 18, 2006


My sister-in-law, Dana, is here for about a month. We've been harvesting from my garden - trying to make use of everything in there before the heavy frost comes. Today we decided to dry all of my green and red jalapeno peppers, then grind them into a powder for seasoning.

Guess what?


My fingers are still burning in an achy sort of way, and my face above my lip and on my cheek feels numb. Even the smell of the peppers in the dehydrator makes me hurt! I'm sure you all already knew that these things happen, and would never be so silly as to touch your face after you've just sliced a bushel of jalapenos, but I am.
Silly, I mean.
But what do you expect? I was trying to supervise Corban's math worksheet, count to 100 with Micah, and keep Eliana happy with goofy songs I was making up. You know what? All of those things went really well. Cor finished his worksheet with record few errors, Micah made it to 100 for the first time, and Eliana didn't melt down until I sliced the last jalapeno and laid it in the dehydrator. If the worst thing that happened this morning was that I got 3rd degree burns and felt miserable for the rest of the morning, then I'd say it was a great start to our day.

So, spicy food. Flavorful food. Home-grown food. It's a decent reward for the effort. I just hope my face stops burning long enough for me to enjoy it!
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Katie Eagy said...

Oh, Elise! That hurts so bad. But you won't make the same mistake twice! I learned the hard way a few years ago, too. The burning lasted about a day. For me it was worst under my fingernails. Hope you're feeling better! Rubber gloves next time...

RANDI said...

Slicing peppers can be dangerous! I found out the hard way too a number of years ago while making salsa. I ended up knocking at the neighbors door asking for ice because my fingers were on fire! Now I always wear plastic baggies on my hands when I cut them up!

Lyn said...

I came to your through Randi's site. I also have 5 & 7 year old boys. And the pepper story just made me feel right at home!!!! Crazy what we do whilst trying to multi task!!!

Samantha said...

I made this mistake when I was younger. I don't know what I was thinking, but everything on my face burned! I learned my lesson!

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