Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Just Need a Moment...

Here is my third installment of October Beauty - an old barn directly behind our house along the trail. This little town is chock full of treasures that take you back in time.

I promise I will return to sharing my thoughts with you all very soon. I'm sure my 3, maybe 4 readers are busy enough with their own lives that they haven't noticed the lapse between blogs, but I'm beginning to feel as if all of the thoughts I want to share with you are overlapping and if I wait too long, they'll jumble together and become unrecognizable to me, and senseless to everyone else.

To give you an idea of how hectic and non-stop these days are for me right now, I'll tell you that I wanted to title this blog "I Just Want to Poop in Peace", but I thought that would be inappropriate.

I must say, the presence of my sister-in-law these last few weeks has been such a treasure - I'll be thankful for this time always. While the days fly by so quickly that I can't remember if I sat down, I still value the presence of another woman in the home, who always senses when I need my tea, or a bite to eat, or just a sweet hug. I am dreading this time coming to a close.

More later...I'll leave you with this; my reminder to stop and hug my children, kiss my husband, laugh, throw my face back to the sky and smile at my Savior:

"And yet, "Better to have one handful with quietness than two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind.""
Ecclesiastes 4:6

Hold the quiet. Whenever you can. Even for just a moment.
Your children, husband, household.. they're worth a hundred thousand handsful, but only ask for two empty ones - wrapped around them.

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3 fellow travelers shared:

Lyn said...

Oh this reader is patiently waiting for your return. I am glad you are enjoying your time with your sister in law.

Christine said...

I love, love, love this post (and not just because you said "poop"). Thanks for the reminder to hold the quiet, I love that.

Thanks for visiting me today, too. I'll be back to see you; I'm glad I found your blog! Have a blessed weekend.

Kate said...

Love it, girl! You are an amazing writer. You even make the word "poop" sound eliquent.

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