Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tea and Trolls

Here are some gems from my children that are sure to make you smile!

While watching me strain my tea through a raggedy dishtowel, Corban said, "Mama, you're a smart little gal for thinking of that!"

Today, for our
KONOS topic, attentiveness, we played a game of charades and acted out different emotions on people we might observe at a train station. After Mama and Corban had their turns, Micah took the stage. 7 1/2 minutes later, frustrated that our cries of "Angry!" "Mad!" and "Furious!" were incorrect, Micah, red and panting, stood up and shouted "I'm a troll!"
Hmm. I think he missed something in the rules, don't you? Maybe he wasn't being ATTENTIVE!

For their last activity, they made a list of things that distract them when they're trying to focus on schoolwork. Here is what they came up with:

Nice cars
People riding horses
Brothers being noisy
Eliana , 'cause she's so cute
Parents talking
The screensaver (our computer has all of our pictures in a slideshow, and it happens to be located in the schoolroom kitchen.)
Feeling hungry while Mama's cooking
Being thirsty

And the number one thing we learned from all of this: Coming up with distractions is very distracting! Talk about rabbit trails. And do we have to re-enact every single example?

For more of these gems, click on my sons' delightful blog up and to the right - it's called "

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Christine said...

Ooooh, I love those kid-isms, I'll have to check that blog out. I keep all mine in a little black notebook. It's so much fun to read through!

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