Monday, January 22, 2007

Children's Book Monday

Giving thoughtfully and gladly.
Such a lesson.

The Best Kind of Gift
By Kathi Appelt
Illustrated by Paul Brett Johnson

There's a brand-new parson in town, which means it's time for a "pounding"!

A pounding is when everyone takes a pound o' this and a pound o' that to welcome someone, and so little Jory Timmons sets off on a mission to find Brother Harper a gift that will make him feel at home.

His mother is making a blackberry pie, and he wonders, "Is that a pound?" She says, "Not exactly, but a pie is a treat. The best kind of gift is a treat." Jory finds that he is too small to make a pie, so he joins his Papa, who is giving the parson a bucket of milk; not exactly a pound, either, but Papa assures him that "the best kind of gift is given gladly". Again, Jory finds he is too small to even help with the milking.

He moves through the day, visiting his brother, granny, and grandpa as they prepare their gifts for the new parson, but still finds himself without a pound of anything.

It is while throwing rocks with his Grandpa that Jory discovers the best spirit in which to give a gift. And when Brother Harper is presented with Jory's offering, exactly a pound, he declares, "The best kind of gift comes directly from the heart!"

Throughout this sweet book, Jory tries hard to collect advice about the spirit of giving, and receives plenty from his family. He longs to be bigger, more useful, and though his body may not be big enough, his heart surely is. The lessons of giving, both thoughtfully and gladly, are precious here, and the lovely illustrations are vivid and natural.

Without giving away too much of the ending, I will tell you that if you have little boys (and probably girls, too!), they may want to join the parson in enjoying his heartfelt gift from Jory. And perhaps you can join him as well!

Happy Reading!

My friend, Melissa, at A Familiar Path, is joining me for Children's Book Monday's! Click here for her review this week.

And for future reference, if anyone else would like to join, feel free to take the graphic in my sidebar and link it from your site, and just let me know in my comments! The more good books we can find for our children from trustworthy sources, the better!

7 fellow travelers shared:

chickadee said...

thanks so much for letting me participate.
this sounds like a good one.

bluemountainmama said...

elise- i'll have to look for this book at our library....sounds lovely! it was good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Yup, another excellent book review!
This one is just what we need in our home since the ugly spirit of greed seems to have overtaken my 3 year old. I will be finding this book-remedy ASAP!!

rcsnickers said...


How I do attach the picture and link to you? I cannot seem to figure it out!

Thanks for your help wonderful books. I have requested them from the library and will pick them up. Very excited to read them to our children.


Andrea said...


Always love your recommendations. I think I will take you up on your offer and participate on the Children's Book Mondays--maybe not every Monday but some. I love the little graphic, it reminds me of my daughter.

Laura said...

Elise-just wondering, does your little girl like these books too or do you have other favorites that you read to her?

Elise said...

Very, very good question, Laura! I will devote next Monday's book review to this topic!

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