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Children's Book Monday

(Before I get started, I wanted to let you all know that I am posting from my archives over at CWO today as well. Please come by and enjoy a "sip for the soul"!)

Miss Rumphius
Story and Pictures by Barbara Cooney

"The Lupine Lady lives in a small house overlooking the sea. In between the rocks around her house grow blue and purple and rose-colored flowers. The Lupine Lady is little and old. But she has not always been that way. I know. She is my great-aunt, and she told me so."

A little girl named Alice lived in a city by the sea. Her grandfather was an artist and a woodworker, fashioning figureheads for the prows of ships, and carving Indians out of wood to put in front of cigar stores. And when he was very busy, Alice helped put the skies into his paintings.

As Alice sat on his knee in the evenings, listening to his stories of faraway places, she vowed to travel as he did, when she was older, and to live by the sea.

Grandfather tells her there is a third thing she must do, and she listens carefully as he says, "You must do something to make the world more beautiful."

And so Alice grows up, and the book follows her travels to other lands, we meet the friends she finds, and finally, we witness as she tries to dismount a camel in "The Land of the Lotus-Eaters", and hurts her back. "Perhaps it is time for me to move to the sea," she thinks.

And it is there, where she is called Miss Rumphius, that she finds a way to accomplish the third thing Grandfather told her.

Such a beautiful book in every way, and of course, it sparks great dialogue with your children! We talked about something we could each do (or already do) to make the world more beautiful. For little ones, they need to know that this can change over the years. We all have the opportunity to do many beautiful things, not just one!

"Micah, your hugs are such a blessing to people!"

"Corban, your smiles bring joy to the hearts of those around you! And as you grow, there will be new opportunities every day to make the world God created even more beautiful."

And the inevitable..."Mama, what have you done to make the world more beautiful?"

I am looking at them, my darlings.

Add this book to the list for your next library outing - you won't be disappointed.

(And I love Barbara Cooney so much, I might just review another of her books next week!)

Happy Reading!

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Andrea said...

I love how you give practical discussion questions of the books you are reading. I love this book!! My CBM is up...

Grafted Branch said...

Grrr. I see below someone is trying to beat me to the punch! Oh well, consider yourself double-tagged...

rcsnickers said...

Elise, we loved this book. Excellent review for it.


Tracy said...

Thank you for reviewing children's books each week. I think the way that you present them makes a mama long to read to her children. What a gift!

Lyn said...

I gave this very book to my neice right after she was born 5 months ago. I fell in love with it. Found it at a second hand store and loved the pictures and text!


Beverly said...

I can already tell I am going to like this book! The illustrations look beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love this book! When I taught third grade, it was the first book in the basal textbook. I love the discussion you have with your children as well. This is my first time to visit your Children's Book Monday, but I may join in next week if you don't mind! Thanks!

Jenny said...

Hi Elise-

We purchased this book when we considered doing Five in A Row as our homeschooling curriculum. I don't know where it has gone off to but after reading your review, I'm thinking I want to find it and use it when we celebrate Earth Day this month.

henryteachers said...

Oh, I love this book. We have a copy of it in our home. It's a book that makes a great lesson on geography because she travels to so many different places. But your discussion about what you want to do to make the world beautiful is an even better lesson. That is so exciting you're moving to SLC in the summer. We live an hour south and enjoy visiting the great things to do there.

Jeanette said...

Great Idea to review a children's book each week. Books are amazing and every child should be given to opportunity to read or listen to stories everyday :)

Maxine said...

Hi Elise,
I think a cyberwolf ate the comment I was trying to make, so forgive me if this is a repeat. Delete the last one if it is. I just wanted to say that your book reviews are such a help to young mommies. I wish you had been around when my kids were small. But you are helping my daughter and granddaughter.
I hadn't been here for a few days and missed your post about spankings. It really hit my "funny bone" because it made me remember my youngest who would take the occasion of a spanking, in hopes of delaying it, to get into a discussion about the theology of Adam's Fall. You're right, it's hard to spank while you're laughing.

bluemountainmama said... of my FAVORITE books!!!!! my sister introduced me to this one. i haven't bought it yet, but we read it when we're at grandma's house......

Kelly said...

I love this book, as well. Barbara Cooney is amazing-love her illustrations! It is exciting to see Children's Book Monday grow. Thanks for setting up Mr. Linkey!

Just got Boxes for Katje from Amazon-wonderful! I was crying at the end-great recommendation.


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