Monday, April 23, 2007

Children's Book Monday

I painstakingly wrote down every name, twice for those who also did a book review; cut them apart, and placed them in a bowl. Corban reached up over his head and pulled out...

Christine! Well, her name, that is. Congratulations, Christine! I will be in touch with you to find out which book out of all my reviews you would like to receive. And take heart dear readers - I know a new book is the ultimate treasure (at least it is in my house!) - so I will hold another contest in about ten weeks!

Calico Bear - A Story About God's Unchanging Love
by Angela Elwell Hunt
Illustrated by Natalie Carabetta

(Thank you to my mama, who gave this book to her grandchildren!)

Suddenly, Calico Bear feels happy and loved. He now belongs to a little boy who loves him, and they share their adventures for many years. Each night they are tucked in together as Tyler's mama sings:

"Sleep, my child, and never fear:
God's constant love will keep you near.
And as you grow a bit each day,
God's loving hands will guide your way."
But as Tyler grows inches taller, Calico Bear cannot keep up and is left behind, until one day the mama takes the bear to "give him a new job". After she carefully opens Calico Bear's seams and removes the stuffing, she cuts the fabric into squares and stitches them together while singing the familiar lullaby.

Calico Bear is now a quilt to cover Tyler and keep him safe and warm while he sleeps! The little bear's journey is not over yet, but I will save the sweetest part of all for you to read with your little ones...

At times reminiscent of "The Velveteen Rabbit", and even "Love You Forever", this book takes the sweetness from both of those stories and mixes it with the cyclical nature of God's unchanging love.

Every child has a stuffed animal or a blanket that they cannot bear to be parted from. And most of those little treasures will wear out; it is a sad moment indeed when your little one realizes that their favorite treasure will not last forever.

When the time comes for Buster and Pip (Corban and Micah's treasures, respectively) to be reborn, I hope to remember the lesson of this story, and sing quietly to my little ones of God's unchanging love; His great plan to make us new, while I pray for the inspiration to remake their treasures into something new.

Happy Reading!

9 fellow travelers shared:

Andrea said...

What a neat story!
Buster and Pip...excellent names!

Beka said...

Such beautiful thoughts. I love the little song-- so sweet.

henryteachers said...

We already own Love you Forever and The Velveteen Rabbit, so I'll have to share this story with my kids too. They love their stuffed animals and what a sweet way to keep them as a treasure!
Mindy :)

Beverly said...

Like the previous commenter, I absolutely love "Love you Forever," and "The Velveteen Rabbit."

I can already tell that this book will be another favorite.

Maxine said...

Thanks for serving the mommies, Elise. You have good taste in books! I've been missing you this week. Glad you're back!

Stacy said...

Wait, are you quite sure Corban didn't pull out the name STACY? Maybe he got confused with the "st" part?! :)

Congratulations to Christine! :)

Calico Bear looks like a wonderful story. And our library doesn't have it. But the next time I go to the bookstore, I'm going to read it!

Love to you and yours, Elise. And how is Janet?

Christine said...

Looks wonderful, as always! Will it make me cry like "Love You Forever"? :)

And thanks for the book! I'll have to think about it an decide!

rcsnickers said...

How do you find these great jewels? Just wonderful books every time! Will definately check for this one. Or buy it for a birthday coming up!

Congratulations to Christine!!!! How exciting!!!!


Jenny said...

I'm a day late but I hope that's ok:)

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