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Children's Book Monday...and a Contest!

Another ten books - it must be time for a contest! Please join the fun and leave a comment, which will enter you into the drawing for any book I've reviewed! There are some really great ones to choose from.
Oh, and if you participate in Children's Book Monday by signing the Mr. Linky and reviewing a children's book of your own this week, I'll enter you twice! April twenty-second (22) will be the last day to enter.
Please spread the word! Wholesome, character building children's books being shared around the blogosphere can only be a good thing!

by Roger Duvoisin

Petunia is a silly goose. When she finds a book lying in the meadow one day, she recalls having heard somewhere that "He who owns Books and loves them is wise."

Being silly AND a goose, Petunia believes that if she only loves her Book, she will finally be wise. As she swims with the Book and sleeps with it, her neck stretches out with pride, until the other animals notice and begin to believe that she really IS wise!

They ask her for advice and opinions, and she gladly gives both, misguided though they may be. For example, Ida, the hen, asks Petunia to help her count her chicks, for they have been on a walk in the woods, and she thinks some might be missing. "The farmer says I have nine, but I can't count so very well. Please, wise Petunia, count my chicks to see if they're all here."

Petunia counts three chicks, then another three, and three more. "Three times three? That makes six!"

Poor Ida is worried, "Is six less than nine?"

"That's more than nine, not less," said Petunia. "Lots more, my dear!"

Poor worried Ida. "More than nine? Good gracious! As if I hadn't enough worries with my own nine chicks. And where do those other chicks come from? Oh dear, I'll never be happy again..."

Once Petunia's advice has affected all the animals in the field, a catastrophe occurs that blows open the pages of her Book, and Petunia realizes that there is something written inside which she cannot read. After she thinks for a bit, Petunia sighs, "Now I understand. It is not enough to carry wisdom under my wing. I must put it in my mind and in my heart. And to do that, I must learn to read."

So many lessons abound in this sweet book: wisdom, which you may delve deeper into by reading some of the book of Proverbs with your little ones; the benefit of knowing how to read, especially so that we may read the Word of the Lord; "pride goes before a fall"; a humble spirit when asked for advice.

Not to mention lessons in counting! Multiplying! Common sense!

I read this book as a child and always knew that when I had my own children, I would want to read it to them as well. There are many other Petunia books, too: Petunia Beware; Petunia's Christmas; Petunia's Treasure; Petunia, I Love You; Petunia Takes a Trip; all notable for the lessons the silly goose learns, lessons easily applied to a young child's (or adult's!) character.

Happy reading!

(And please remember, this is called "Children's Book Monday", meaning the books you review should really be for ages zero through ten. Any books that are reviewed for an older audience should be in a different review group altogether. Thanks!)

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Jen said...

I had Petunia when I was growing up a classic and ive read to my children too

Dixie said...

I've just recently found your blog and am enjoying your Children's Book Monday. It is always great to have good, wholesome children's literature recommendations. Thank you for sharing.

Stacy said...

Another contest?!?! You are so much fun, Elise! :)

We'll be checking out Petunia on our next library trip!


chickadee said...

how can i resist a contest!? i'll get right on my review right now.

i'll have to add this to my growing library list for friday. it sounds great.

rcsnickers said...

Thanks for another contest! Very exciting....

Love this book! Wish I had known about is as a child, but at least I am finding the jewel of it now. Reliving my childhood through reading fun books to my children.


Tracy said...

My children loved Petunia, but as I just asked my 8 yr old if she has ever heard it, she doesn't think that she has.

This poor little one misses out on a lot because she is a little younger than the rest. Oh, what a terrible mommy I am!

Ann V @ Child's Geography said...

You inspire me to dig out Petunia again! Thank you, Elise!!
And a contest too?
You are too kind!

Beverly said...

I can't wait to meet Petunia! Hopefully she'll be waiting for us at our local library.

rcsnickers said...

Elise, sorry I am on the list twice. I don't know why. I added myself then checked it to make sure it worked this time. When I came back this afternoon i was on their twice. Sorry. Also, for me Shannon Jordan and Julie D do not have links.
Am I doing something wrong?

Jenny said...

We have read this one but I never made the connection to Proverbs. What a fantastic teaching tip!


Melissa said...

We love Petunia, too-- and I didn't realize there were other Petunia books. Thanks!

Christine said...

This one I've actually heard of, but I don't think I've ever gotten in for the kiddos. I'll put it on my list! And put me on yours too! ;)

tina said...

Thanks for the review--I will also be looking for this book at the library!

Beka said...

Great review... I remember reading this book as a child!
I always enjoy your Monday book reviews!

Andrea said...

Love Petunia.
We have a beat up copy somewhere in the masses of our books...

henryteachers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
henryteachers said...

Hi Elise!
I've seen Petunia, but never read it or realized there were other books as well. We'll have to pick that one up. I've really enjoyed Children's Book Monday and decided to post my own this week. Thanks for your great idea to share great books with others.
:) Mindy

Erna said...

I'll have to check this book out as well as many others you have recommended. I enjoy this feature on your blog very much. It gives me new things to look into for my daughters. :0) Enjoying your blog as always. I'd love to participate in some reviews but seeing how my blog is privatized it doesn't really work out that well.

Audrey said...

I cant wait to read Petunia. I am really enjoying the book reviews (by everyone) If the books are less than 5.00 on Amazon (including shipping)I buy them right up. A great way to build a library of wonderful, already previewed ;-) books!


Lyn said...

Comment, comment, comment!

A new book! How fun!!!!!

By the way the Easter picture is wonderful and I am sending you two books to review!


Theresa ♥ said...

I don't think I've ever seen this book before but it looks darling. Please enter me in your contest.

Theresa ♥

Anonymous said...

I would love to enter the contest! Thanks for your beautiful posts, especially the recent letter to your daughter. What a wonderful picture of motherhood and a reminder to treasure EVERY moment.

Anonymous said...

You always have such delightful posts. Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful book to treasure with our children :) ~Julie D.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Elise, I'd love to enter too. This is a bit older in ages, but my favorite children's book is Mandy by Julie Andrews. Its about an orphan girl who needs a sense of home so badly that she finds an abandoned little house and during her free time goes there to bit by bit turn it into a little home she can come to when she has the chance to be out. The ways she builds it up and how it helps her is really touching, i'll have to see if its even in print anymore and reread it. I've also written some childrens stories too, i posted a little one in july on the blog, first post on the july archives. I just LOVE childrens stories : )

A Blessed Weekend <>< Wendy

Anonymous said...

I love all the books you have reviewed. I would love to join the contest. I miss you.

Bethany said...

Hey Elise!
I would love to be added to the contest! I was going to do a Children's book Monday but it was a busy week! Love to you all!

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