Thursday, May 24, 2007

Open House

O God, I have no way of telling at the day's beginning
Who will come to my door on an errand of business or friendship;
Who will arrive to be my guest in my home or to sit at my table.

Let me show loving care this day in the cleaning of my house, the buying of my stores, the cooking of my meals.
Let me show loving care this day in the tending of my linen, the tidying of my cupboards, the doing of my flowers.
Let me show loving care in the freshness of my person and the neatness and niceness of my clothes.

From the beginning of homemaking in modest tents on the sand, women have served their families, and their guests.
From the beginning of homemaking in simple homes of baked mud, women have whitewashed and scrubbed, and set out their pretty things.
From the beginning of more comfortable houses, with handwoven carpets and furniture of cunnng craftsmanship, women have kept open house.

May Christ be my guest this day.

Rita Snowden - A Woman's Book of Prayers (for the twenty-fourth day)

Oh, Father, please know that I intend to make my home open to You today. I don't have any balloons to announce it, and the sign blew over in the wind, but my home is open nonetheless.

I'm purposing to raise my head from my work today, to keep watch. When You step around the corner, I will be ready, a baby on my hip, a dripping wooden spoon in my hand, a mind fatigued from school lessons. Not the royal welcome you deserve, with the fragrance of flowers on the breeze, but with an open heart for sure.

Whatever form you take; a parishioner, a wanderer, a neighbor, a lonely child who longs to play with my own, I promise to welcome You.

Not all of my home is lovely, but all of my home is loved. May I share it with You?

The pots bubbling merrily on the stove? I am filling the refrigerator to feed my men while I'm away. May I fix You something?

The washing machine rocking loudly on its uneven feet? It's full of dirty clothes, coming clean. May I wash Your feet?

That strange smell? Well, please don't ask.

Oh, let me not fall too deeply into my work; I pray to invest myself in the important things going on around me. My children. My husband. My faith. I pray to be ever-mindful of Your arrival; to dive deeper into this day than simply beautifying it in preparation; again, I purpose to raise my head from my work, and take in the gifts that surround me.

Beloved, I am coming. How I long for the greeting of your smiling face! Forget about the mess - it's you I came to see.

Oh, I knew You would come.

Welcome. To my open home.

Won't you prepare for Him today with me?

20 fellow travelers shared:

Staci said...

Beautiful post.

I need this today. :)

Audrey said...

Lovely indeed! I'm going to go make french toast for Him right now, I do hope He comes!

Amy said...

This is wonderful. As I've been trying to become a better homemaker, I've been thinking about why...and I really want to keep my priorities straight! Thank you!

Rachel said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I needed it today, as I've been sick, and have many household chores piled up to take care of today. This is a wonderful thing to keep in mind as I do it.


Anonymous said...

This is breathtaking....
thank you.

Tracy said...

What a beautiful invitation to welcome our LORD into your home. Thank you, Elise for sharing your lovely ways with us.

Grafted Branch said...

That was lovely; I am linking to this right now.

Julie said...

As always...what a beautiful post!

Beka said...

Oh, I needed this, Elise! I forget too often the reason and purpose behind the things I do at home each day-- it is for Him. So often I get caught up in the details, and find myself becoming a bundle of worry, when I ought to do my best for Him and leave the rest in His hands.
Many blessings on your day!

Munchkin Land said...

Beautiful, as always, Elise! Just beautiful! What a great reminder what our daily lives are REALLY about. =) Thanks for sharing!!

Emily said...

Wow. Thanks for the beautiful post. Wow.

Jen said...

when you serve one of those that are hungry, keep company with those that are lonely, or give a drink of water to those that are thirsty you are really serving the Lord
Bless you and always

Alycia said...

So beautiful Elise! Thank you, this was a much needed post for me to read this evening. I am going to print this out to remind me who we are really welcoming into our home each day. Blessings to you!

Beverly said...

This was such a balm to my soul today, as I haven't been able to "care" for my home this week. I've gotten caught up in my tendencies to be a Martha who frets and fumes because things aren't in order.
I want to be ready for Him ... for this is the reason I am.
Thank you, Elise.

Maxine said...

Elise, how can anything be written more beautifully? I pray that it will be the Lord Jesus who will be first in MY heart as I go about the many "mundane" duties of life. What other purpose do we have as servants in our homes?

Mindy said...

I am printing this out also. beautiful.

Shelley said...

No words. Wow. Dare I invite Him here today?! Yes, yes, do come, do come.

Thanks Elise, you always sharpen me.

Love, Shelley

Christine said...

I really needed this breath of fresh air, which your words so often are to me. I am taking my house bit by bit and turning it back into a home, and this post reminds me why I am doing it. You're a blessing, Elise!!

Mommy Dearest said...

I really love the way you write. This is very nice.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Elise,

Havent been able to get this qoute out of my head ever since i came across it, it just wont let go. I am SO grateful you posted this : )



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