Monday, July 16, 2007

Children's Book Monday

Watch the Stars Come Out
by Riki Levinson
Illustrated by Diane Goode

Here is one of our favorite books to "jump into" - we search the pages, and imagine what we would be doing if we were in the story.

This tale is told by a little girl, recounting the story her grandmother told her mother every Friday night, "after the dishes were put away."

A little Irish family is divided when Mama, Papa and an older sister leave for America, followed by another brother and sister. Two more little brothers, who are too small, will follow when they are older.

The little boy and girl are put into the care of an old woman, who is to watch over them. When she dies, Brother tells Sister not to worry. He will take care of her! Sister is sad, though, for at night, asleep in the belly of the ship, she cannot see the stars come out.

When they catch their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, everyone is very excited and relieved, waving and dancing and embracing. It took them twenty-three days to reach America.

When the children disembark, they are taken to a place on an island where they are examined by doctors and nurses, and then the next day, they ride a ferry to the mainland. There, they are reunited with Mama, Papa and Sister!

The children adjust to their new life in America, and Sister is happy once again, for she has a bed right next to the window. To watch the stars come out.

Diane Goode is another of my favorite illustrators; her colored pencil drawings have bright spots that catch your eye, and busy scenes that draw you into the pages. We enjoyed imagining what we would be doing on the ship; Corban said he would be standing on the railing, like Brother was. Micah said he would probably be throwing up, like the old woman.

And of course, we enjoyed the history lesson, too. Reading books doesn't have to be cover to cover! Let it lead you to another book, a map, a story told by someone who might have been there as well, perhaps in a nursing home. Take flight!

Happy Reading!

8 fellow travelers shared:

Stacy said...

Your recommendations are so good that as I'm reading your post I'm simutaneously pulling up our library site to put whichever book you've recommended on hold.
This looks like another good one!
Thank you!

Alycia said...

Your recommendation sounds like such a sweet story. I hope we can add it to our collection as well. I also wanted to thank you for your visit and prayers on my blog. You are a sweet friend and have such a beautiful heart. Blessings to you and your family.

Jenny said...

What a great story! My husband and I went to NY last year on a trip by ourselves. While there we visited Ellis Island. I wish I would have known about this book, it would have made a great gift to bring home to the girls!

Andrea said...

It looks like a great book, Elise.
One I should read since we are so near to Ellis Island.

Joyful Days said...

As always it looks like a great choice. This will be one I will be checking out. It will be interesting to discuss in the context of our family's history.


Beverly said...

This looks like another good one!

suzanne (joyfulchaos) said...

i just found you through chickadee's "a familiar path", an actual real life friend!

i have to say you have the most beautiful site that i've ever seen. from the music to the pictures. takes me back to college. thank you for the oasis tonight.

Jenny said...

I just splurged and purchased a book database program. It lets me list all of my books and then searches Amazon downloading the cover art, subjects it covers and synopsis. You can also list books that you want to read and just mark their status as read. Now I have to go back through all of your posts and put in your suggestions :) I am tagging this one with "New York" and "immigrants" so that when we do our NY state study I will remember to include this title.

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