Friday, July 20, 2007

Who Needs A Dog?

Situation: Stealing a few moments to clean my pantry in preparation for the move.

Speed bump: Eliana.

Result: Raw spaghetti scattered all over the floor, including under the fridge.

My reaction: Laughter when she plopped down next to me while I cleaned up, and popped one into her mouth, saying, "Mmmmmm!"

Eliana's reaction: Sobbing in despair when I finished cleaning up and there were no more dusty, icky spaghetti sticks to chew on.

I pray you are blessed - and a blessing - this weekend, dear ones!

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Maxine said...

Hey, I caught you early. I think this the first time I commented first on your blog! I'm honored. Your sweetie pie did take over a job that we always give to our Frodo. I think you-know-who will end up taking over when she comes to our house.
Btw, check out my blog soon as you get a quick minute.

Beka said...

Hee hee-- so cute. Glad you were able to laugh as you cleaned up the mess!
Many blessings to you and your family today!

Staci said...

Have a great weekend!



Sandy said...

What a cutie!
Thanks for visiting me today!
I hope you win :)
4 Reluctant Entertainers

schnuckiputzi said...

Whenever I do a project at school with uncooked spaghetti, the kids are always munching on it, but if you offered it to them as a "snack", they'd be horrified! Illicit munching is always the best!

tonia said...


You are my kind of mommy: don't panic! just laugh. We Idaho girls know that dirt just builds immunity.

Love to you,


Beverly said...

Eliana is a girl after my own heart ... I still munch on raw spaghetti:-)
What fun!!

Trish said...

LOL Elaina is such a cutie! I think maybe we have all munched on some uncooked pasta at one time or another. I remember making noodle necklaces at summer VBS ~ they never lasted long! LOL


Munchkin Land said...

Too sweet! =) I hope you have a blessed weekend too.

AndiMae said...

So cute! Audrey just discovered that she loves dry pasta as well :)

Happy Weekend!!

Christine said...

Such a cutie! I used to eat dry pasta...


ColoradoDreaming said...

Great post and the one about riding with Micah was wonderful, too.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

So adorable Elise... I wonder how she'd respond to being affectionately nicknamed "mama's little speedbump" lol : )



Joel and Jaime said...

Yum, dry spaghetti least she's not a picky eater :)

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Oh I had to laugh at Mama's little speedbump! :) I have one of those too! (actually, 2 of them)

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