Monday, September 24, 2007

Children's Book Monday

There are so many things to love about this boy, and one of my favorites is the fact that he combs his hair before he leaves the house! My boys, who are eight and six, know that it is a requirement for stepping out our front door. It leaves water drops on their shoulders and moisture on their temples, but those slicked-down cowlicks make them look so proper - at least for the first ten minutes, until running through the park or simply strapping on a seat belt sends those blond shoots right back up!

The adventures of Homer Price are truly original. In small town Centerburg, young mister Price has a hobby of building radios, and that love for electronics sends him on his first adventure - witnessing a robbery, and foiling the crooks! The tales are farfetched, but bring delight to the sparkling eyes of my little boys.

This collection includes the stories: The Case of the Sensational Scent (Corban's favorite), The Case of the Cosmic Comic, The Doughnuts (my favorite!), Mystery Yarn, Nothing New Under the Sun - Hardly, and Wheels of Progress.

In each and every story, Homer is hard-working, respectful to adults, and mindful of others; worthy character traits for young boys to aspire to. The vocabulary is admirable - words such as sauntered, impair, and cautioned require dictionary-checking or Mama-asking, while refreshing non-words such as carryings on and pleasantest pepper their way throughout.

You and your children will love the black and white drawings by Robert McCloskey. Set in the fifties, buzz cuts, aprons and stylish suits bring these stories to life, and teach our children well of another time.

Happy Reading!

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Andrea said...

What a great review, Elise!
Sounds like a great book for little boys *and* girls!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

And I think your review here is every bit as entertaining and...refreshing. ;)

Melanie said...

Robert McCloskey is one of our favourite authors! We'll have to check out Homer Price...sounds like a great one for my son (and daughter too!).

Anna said...

Thank you for another new book for our family to check out!

I was laughing so hard reading the part about your sons' hair.

That's me, when we're getting in the van to go somewhere: "DON'T MESS UP -oh nevermind." :)

Have a great Monday!

Beka said...

Sounds like a great series of books! I'll have to start keeping a list of all these good finds for "some day"!!

Joyful Days said...

We love Homer Price--I think the Doughnuts is my favorite too.

Denise said...

Thank you for mentioning such a great book and author! I'm guessing that this is both Homer Price and Tales of Centerburg in one book. Two of my sons have read these books on their own - as well as listening to it (audiobook) in the car as a family - and I love when they will point something out to me "And do you know what he did next?" "Listen, you gotta hear this part!" "Do you know what the skunk did?," so I smile and listen and "Oh!" and laugh like it's the first time I'm hearing it. ;-)
Enjoy every second - it passes so quickly.

Mrs. "M" said...

My daughter loved Homer Price. I remember her running into the kitchen to read me all the funny parts....and there are many funny parts.:o)
McCloskey is one of our favorites too. I didn't realize how many stories there were in the series...of to see if the library has them. Thanks!

Beverly said...

I enjoyed your review probably just as much as I will enjoy the book! I look forward to these :-)

Christine said...

SOunds wonderful! We've read other by him but not this one. My suggestion this week is a book in our library basket, Animalia by Graeme Base. It is the most creative alphabet book I've ever seen! There is so much to find on each page, your kids will be occupied for a long time.

Carrie said...

We love Homer Price! And all of Robert McCloskey's books. They are a very sweet era in time. Elise, can you tell me how to get the book cover on my website if I do a review of it? I don't know how to do that. Thank You!

Shelley said...

We love Homer too! And by the way, we started reading the Little House series after reading your post in late July. I had passed it by never having read it myself thinking it was a girls book. Can you imagine I almost deprived my dear son of all that adventure!?!? Anyway, we are almost done with the first book and we are both loving it! Thanks!

PS For an awesome chapter book that is also living history, be sure to read The Bronze Bow. I wept. Other historical fiction books my son has enjoyed are The Golden Goblet, Door in the Wall and right now we are reading Adam of the Road. He is 9 and I am reading these books to him and he is loving it.

Patti Gardner said...

I LOVE Robert McCloskey books!! So timeless, I think.

By the way, my son hasn't had to comb his hair in over 10 years!! We started giving him a buzz cut when he was about 5, and he still wears one. Not much to comb!!

Hope all is well.

Patti (Homesteadblogger)

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

I love Homer Price and Robert McCloskey. Blueberries for Sal--kapling, kaplang, kaplunk!!! I read Homer Price chapters to my boys over and over when they were younger. These stories are timeless and humorous. Everyone should read Robert McCloskey books!

henryteachers said...

I love McCloskey, so we'll definitely have to check this one out Elise. I hadn't heard of Homer Price. Have you read Lentil? My kids enjoyed reading that one when we did Five in a row.
I always love your Children's book Monday!
Mindy :)

mel said...

I loved these books as a kid -- and I thank you for these reviews. How fun! I was thinking of doing something similar on my own blog and was thrilled to find your blog on the CWO blogroll.

God bless! Good choices of music!

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