Monday, October 15, 2007

Children's Book Monday

A Small Miracle

by Peter Collington

As Christmas begins to peek around the corner, I am drawn to those books more and more on our visits to the library. This particular one is definitely going on my list to add to our Christmas collection!

With no words, simply pictures to describe the events of this story, A Small Miracle invites you to sit with your children, at least for the first reading, and use your imaginations to describe the events of each miniature illustration.

On a cold Christmas Eve near an English village, an old woman, threadbare, poor, and penniless, makes her way into town to earn some money for food. When something happens that could break her spirit, she finds a way to give even more, and in turn is blessed beyond comprehension.

The book jacket touts "The Golden Rule" as the theme of the story, but we agreed that we learned so much more. Hard work, perserverance, generosity, kindness, reverence and faith. The strange way in which the woman is blessed may take you aback for a moment, but through a child's imaginative eyes, wonder is very much a part of the Holy-day season, and nothing is impossible.

I hope you can find it at your library - Happy Reading!

10 fellow travelers shared:

Anna said...


We're heading to the library with a list of the last 5-6 books you've reviewed.

I love how we can share great children's books that we find with one another. It's sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack to find children's books with value (at our library, anyway!)

Thank you!

Joyful Days said...

Sounds just lovely.

How can it be that the year has already flown by so fast and we are looking at Christmas books!!

Many thanks for hosting this! Such a nice way to begin the week.

Sarah said...

Sounds wonderful Elise! I think we need to start doing a library day with the girls. I've been nervous about Chloe's age in a library, but it can't hurt to try it with her. And I'm getting in the Christmas mood myself!
Love, Sarah

henryteachers said...

Oh, Christmas stories! This looks wonderful to share with my children. My library has a whole section just on Christmas, so we'll have to see if this one is there.
I was in SL last week and I thought of how close I was to you. My husband and I took a trip without the kids, so it was a wonderful date. Looks like you took the kids to the zoo in Sept. I hope we can meet soon! You sure bless me too!
:) Mindy

Sheila said...

Thanks for hosting every week. That sounds like a good book.

Beverly said...

Lovely. Headed to my library search page!

Beverly said...

Oh! Forgot to say that I love the new picture on your sidebar!

Me said...

Christmas books. We have a huge collection. :)

BTW I still need your address so I can send your angels.

Stacy said...

Oh my word. WHERE do you even FIND such treasures?!?!?

What a gem of a book! We got this a couple of days after you reviewed it, here, and it's the ONLY book our kids want to "read". What a beautiful story. I love it.

Thank you, dear Elise. You are my kind of girl. :)


nanashouse said...

wouldn't you know it? in my small town and surrounding small towns we can't find this one? i will go to to try to find this one. i would so much rather support our local community for produce, books, etc. but sometimes we just have to reach out.

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