Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Andy and Eliana

Wispy blond and heavy dark
lean together
over the pages.

Green eyes perceive
what sightless brown cannot.
Still, together they search.


She points and wings
questioning gibberish his way.
He nods a smile.

Green eyes smile
into sightless brown.
They both know. Friends.

She takes her warmth from his side
for just a moment
and fetches another.

Green eyes see
for sightless brown.
He understands.

Wispy blonde and heavy dark
lean together
over the pages.


Though she is typically very shy of men, Andy has won Eliana's heart. In his unassuming way, he captures her attention; she seeks his. Though his eyes cannot see her preciousness, his heart discerns it.

And though her mind does not comprehend his preciousness, her heart has discovered it as well.


12 fellow travelers shared:

Anonymous said...

Oh, so very, very precious!

Andrea said...

Love that girl!! She is adorable.

Joel and Jaime said...

What a sweet friendship!

Beverly said...

What a sweetheart! This touched my heart!

Beka said...

So precious. Your little girl is such a treasure. Give her a kiss from me :-)

Quinne said...

What a blessing to read :) What a joy, that finding and knowing! Love to you, Q

Maxine said...

Oh, Elise, how very sweet. I loved reading about this. I hope this friendship will always be.

Sarah said...

How special, to be seeing her spiritual gifts emerge, even at this young age. My Emma has a very similar gift of compassion and understanding. Hope you're well Elise.
Love, Sarah

EEEEMommy said...

Awww! So so sweet!

Wendy said...

So sweet!

Jane said...

Ah, and you are back my friend - inspiring me with your writings once more! Thanks.

Beautiful - in words- in picture - in realy life meaning - that the heart sees more than our eyes ever will!

Praying for you.

Linda said...

Very beautiful. This will touch her heart so much someday. It's good that you see it and preserve it for her.

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