Monday, December 03, 2007

Children's Book Monday

Eliana's loveys are placed on the bed. The blinds are closed, and the lamp softly glows. She pulls her pink chair to the center of the room and sits, cradling her baby in her lap. I kneel in front of her, and hold up the book we read every day. Every nap and bedtime, without fail, since we checked it out from the library two weeks ago.

I Will Rejoice
Written by Karma Wilson
Illustrated by Amy June Bates

This little rhyming story, written by the author of the beloved Bear series, is a sweet way to to reinforce Psalm 118:24 -

This is the day that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
From beginning to end, this curly-haired little girl finds ways to rejoice, whether she is sharing tea with a friend, listening to a story from Mama before her nap, or playing with Daddy after work. The scripture is repeated so often, your little one may chime in and say it with you, perhaps in a sing-song voice like my girl!

The pictures are so soft and beautiful - you can almost smell the flowers and feel the fabrics. When the little girl rejoices in her soft bed and dreams, Eliana must *always* gently touch the dragon's shimmering wings, as he bends his head for a kiss from the princess.

I was so pleased to find this book, for I have been working on the "rejoice" lesson with Eliana lately. She has slipped into a pouting stage, at times even running away and flinging herself dramatically across the couch! I kneel at her side, asking her to look at me, and when she does, I sing,

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, "Rejoice!"
Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, "Rejoice!"
Rejoice! Rejoice! And again I say, "Rejoice!"
Rejoice! Rejoice! And again I say, "Rejoice!"

By the time I near the end, she is smiling, and we go back to the root of the problem with better attitudes. It has been a good lesson for Mama, too.

Now when we read I Will Rejoice, we remember, together, to also rejoice and praise the Lord for the good things He sends our way. Every day.

Happy Reading!

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Jane said...

And so many blessings He truly does bring!!

Thanks for hosting the Monday. I will try to participate each week. We will see how it goes.

Happy Reading,

Beverly said...

I am pulling up the library website as I speak to get this book! I love imagining Eliana in her pink chair enjoying the story! Thank you for sharing this find with us.

Beka said...

Sweet book!
And I love how you sing Rejoice in the Lord always to Eliana... something I need to learn from.

Cathy said...

That is such a sweet post. I love your singing that song and her smiling. :o) The book sounds wonderful.

EdibleEducation said...

I like this weekly blog feature of yours. I am always looking for some new interesting children's books. Especially old books that are new to me.

Anna said...

hi Elise
I think we could really use this book at our house this week. We've been fighting a bad cold and the girls have been so crabby with one another. That's a great idea to sing "Rejoice in the Lord" to a crabby toddler. I think I'll try that today!
Sorry I didn't have the chance to do a review this week. I've been just a little bit busy. :)
There's always next week...

Liberty said...

I really appreciate you posting on these great books! As a homeschool mom, and Christian, I so appreciate finding these titles. Thankyou for spending time on it. :)

Stacy said...

OH MY GOODNESS SAKES I love the soundtrack from the Mission. I get weepy every time I hear this song. Wow.

And I can't wait to check out this book, too!

amy said...

Hi there. We own a different book by this author, "Mr. Murry and Thumbkin." It is a wonderful book that our family loves about a 'worry/in a hurry mouse' and a 'country bumpkin' mouse. Good message too.
I love your children's book Monday. It has truly enhanced our library experience each week. Thank you. Amy

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) What a lovely book! Thank you for sharing it - we will certainly look for it. Love, Q

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