Thursday, December 13, 2007


This afternoon, two warrior outcasts named Ventcha and Simon stopped by my tavern for a snack. I am told that the name, "Outcast", comes from their love for roaming the land, performing good deeds and being generally disliked by all who are evil.

So as I sliced bananas to smoosh into the warrior outcast's peanut butter on graham crackers, they began addressing me as "Tavern Mistress". (Cor Ventcha just read Treasure Island.) As they coached me with my life story (apparently I'm from the island of Reevar and recently widowed), I was informed that although they had forgotten at first, they were now going to disarm their weapons and lay them by the tavern door.

But first, Cor Ventcha needed to pick his teeth with a dagger. (Tinker-toy dagger, might I add.) At my curled lip and narrowed eyes, he patted my arm reassuringly.

"Don't worry, Mama, we outcasts eat really healthy and still brush our teeth!"

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Cor and Micah on a hike this fall, their only weapons the sticks they found near the path.
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