Sunday, January 20, 2008

Children's Book Monday

Mommies Say Shhh!
by Patricia Polacco

This is such a sweet book for introducing- or reviewing- animal sounds with your toddler!

Kerchief-tied and apron-clad, the little girls in this book travel around the farmyard, accompanied by barefoot brothers, and learn what the animals say. Even as work is done- eggs collected and animals gathered- the pure joy that radiates from the pages is tangible!

Children chase the dogs who say, "Buff, buff, buff!" over rolling hills, and little girls knit scarves straight from the wool of the sheep who say, "Baa, baa, baa!" And when the farm becomes an uproar, with animal sounds echoing across the pages, Mommy holds her finger to her lips and says, "Shhh, shhh, shhh."

We loved the bright colors and frolicking children, but Eliana's favorite page is this one... Bunnies say nothing at all. She turns to me and wrinkles her nose, wiggling her lips and giggling! (So much for bunnies saying nothing at all!)

Patricia Polacco has written several books for toddlers, and we have also enjoyed G is for Goat and Oh, Look! Look into some of her other books for reading with your older children- they are equally delightful!

Happy Reading!

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Sheila said...

Thank you for introducing me to another great children's author!

Beverly said...

Yay! This is one I know that Selena will love. I'll put it on my library list. By the way, I am still rejoicing with you!!

Anonymous said...


We, too, really enjoy the artwork of Ms. Polacco. I especially like "G is for Goat". If you've ever had a goat, you'll find her book to be so true and funny!

~Anna :)

henryteachers said...

OH, I just love Patricia Polacco. Every time I read her book Thank you, Mr. Falker, it makes me cry! My W. would love this choice. Thanks for hosting this. I couldn't wait to share mine today.
Mindy :)

Kim said...

My favorite of hers is Chicken Sunday. Thanks for hosting. This is a great idea!

Munkamama2 said...

I just happened upon a few of Patricia's books last week. We read "Chicken Sunday" and "Just Plain Fancy". We've also read "Thunder Cake" and enjoyed it.

We'll be checking out more books by her.

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) We love Patricia Polacco! Thank you for this recommendation, I hadn't seen it before (and Little Mr S will love it). A couple of our favorites are The Bee Tree and Thunder Cake.
Love, Q

Maxine said...

Just read today's post and want you to know I said a prayer for you. There is no better place than the center of His will. Love 2 u.

Stacy said...

(((dear Elise))),

I have been praying for you today.

Love to you~

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