Monday, January 07, 2008

An Invitation

Lord, please be with us today-
Bless our school in every way.
We promise to
Listen to
Everything You say!

Help us as we learn new things,
Guide us as we count and sing.
When Mama speaks
We'll be meek
To honor You, our King!

Lord, we want to learn and grow,
Because You gave us minds, and so
We'll begin
The way that we should go!

This is how our school days begin. Without fail, rain or shine. Sometimes, our school song is sung with gusto; little chests swelling, lisped words sung off-key (but with feeling!). Sometimes it is sung begrudgingly, as Mama began singing while there was still *fun* to be had, and little boys must now draaaaaag themselves to the table.

However it is sung, through simple words our Ever-Present Help is invited to be seated with us. He has a chair of His own, but He knows not to rest His elbows on the table, for it is almost always sticky. Sometimes Eliana even forgets He is there and crawls into His lap, but he chuckles quietly and lets her stay. He is a quiet presence, but a comforting One, for when Cor struggles with distraction, I lean my head close and we remember, together, that He is with us and quietly watching over. When I begin to lose my patience with Eliana's interruptions, the sticky shine from His end of the table reminds me that He puts up with so much more- from me.

We invite Him, again and again, and He just keeps coming! We pray for help at the break of day, and He answers.

Don't wait until your table is clean. Try not to pull your little one from His lap, afraid He will be disturbed. Don't be embarrassed when your pupils have forgotten the lessons they learned the day before.

Sing with gusto, and off-key, while you're at it. He will come! So pull out a sticky chair and begin the day.

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lady laura said...

Oh so beautifully said, Elise.

laura said...

i'm guessing you wrote this- it is so true in our school/house as well. thanks for the encouragement as i am off to make ready the day ahead! (is there a tune to this that is familiar?)

Mrs. "M" said...

Wow....loved this. Thanks for sharing this.....great encouragement.

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Love it! Is the tune borrowed from a hymn or children's song, or shall I make up my own. ;)

Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you in this coming year.

I’m looking forward to browsing your blog.

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Stacy said...

"Sometimes Eliana even forgets He is there and crawls into His lap, but he chuckles quietly and lets her stay."

What a tender picture. And one I'll remember as I look at my children across our own sticky table.

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Elise. I am working on a post about this, but I am not sure I can post it yet since I have so many IRL lurkers and I am not ready to make an announcement....
but I have felt the Lord laying homeschooling back on my heart in a heavy way - I have never felt more called to it! The reasons to not do it have seemed to melt away. He has told me that he will give me the grace....and that he wants my children home.
So I sit on that and pray. And watch. and wait.
We now do some of both "regular" school part time and homeschooling....and my children love the homeschool time. We have been kneeling before the cross in our homeschool room at the end of our time to thank Jesus for helping us to learn. But this, I LOVE this song!

Do tell us what tune you use? Perhaps you could video it (like the scrunchie tutorial) and we can all learn the tune that way!

Anyways, this was most encouraging, and perhaps even a confirmation of the mighty work the Lord is about here in our little home!

Love & hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for words Elise. I needed to hear them this morning.

Beverly said...

This was so beautiful! I know your precious ones will remember this song all their lives. Thank you so much for sharing this with us -- you are a blessing!

Denise said...

Sweet and heart-warming and a gentle reminder that our LORD is ALWAYS with us. Thank you for that, Elise. What beautiful pictures you paint with your words - and I always seem to need the reminder that we forgive others because he forgave us.

I'll chime in with the others and ask if there is a particular tune you sing this to?

m-jane said...


Thank you for your post! I am new to the world of blogging and have found very few places I want to stay. But, I do believe I will find my heart encouraged by staying awhile here. I love how simple you see God amidst you and your sweet children. I hold tightly to the knowledge that He is ever-present and all-knowing. I have two boys, ages 2 & 4 and we sing all the time (because mommy is a musician and her lifeline to God is worship!) Thank you for sharing, I look forward to what God says through you in future posts!


Miriam said...

Beautiful, Elise. :) This, along with so many other things, makes me long to homeschool again. But, I'm thinking we could sing this before we bundle off to school. I think I'll try to learn it. I love Micah's lisp. *So* cute!

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) How beautiful! I love that the Father has His own chair as you and your sweeties work and learn. Love, Q

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, dear Elise:
How we loved seeing and hearing our grandchildren singing so sweetly! And little Eliana taking her place!God has certainly graced you for this amazing season of your lives! The children are so blessed to have parents like you and Kevin!

I have been thinking about how many conversations (telephone) in the past years we have had as you have called and asked me how school was going that day. You would listen so quietly, taking it all in, picturing everything. And a part of you (I believe) still wanted to be the little girl doing home school with her brothers and sisters. And look what has happened ~ I call you, asking how your schooling is going in hopes of motivating me to keep pressing in and get the job done well.
Ah-h-h-h ~ the beauty of the generations! Who would have thought we would be schooling at the same time?!?
I am continually blessed and challenged when I read your posts.
I love you dearly!
Nana (and Papa)

Joy said...

Oh Elise! How I needed to hear that today. My kids have asked to watch the video a bunch of times-they really like it!:)

AndiMae said...

Oh, Elise! I wish that I had DSL so that I could hear you and your sweet kids sing! Maybe the next time I am at Amy's house...

I do love the words though!

Sandy said...

Love this Elise. I could just hear you.
That is how my day starts too.

Beka said...

Oh, so precious. I had to watch the video twice :-) Your song is just priceless. And your children are blessed beyond measure to have such a loving and godly Mama!

Anonymous said...

That was so sweet!!!

Audrey said...

I loved it! What a great way to start a school day!

Shelley said...

That is just the most precious thing!

Martie said...

What a wonderful way to start your school day - with the Lord in the forefront! I LOVED the video.


Beverly said...

Elise -- your children singing touched my heart!

Monica said...

What a sweet picture of our Heavenly Father! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Persuaded said... sweet:-)

Andrea said...

What a treat to see your sweet boys singing (and hear your lovely voice!!) Don't you just want to wrap that moment up forever! What a treasure they have hidden in their hearts!!

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

Dear Elise..
Linked to this today...
May we learn the song too? And sing with you?
How you mentor me.
Thank you, Thank you.
Now to collect and try--off tune and on very sticky chairs.

All my love...

Alycia said...

This is such a precious song Elise. I have watched your boys singing it several times and my own sons, have enjoyed watching it too. These were the words my heart wants to express to the Lord each morning and so we have begun to learn your song as well. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

Kimmie said...

How pure, how sweet, and how your words reflect Him. Bless you -thanks for sharing your song and your heart with me today ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Between the Trees said...

That was so inspirational. We love inviting the Holy Spirit in..the chair idea is too good. Maybe that w/help us remember he's there!

Blessings to you,

henryteachers said...

I love your school song Did you make that up? That has got to be a great way to start everyday!
What a wonderful idea!
Mindy :)

Monica @Know-Love-Obey God said...

How absolutely wonderful! To invite our Ever-Present Help at the very beginning...
What an awesome beginning.

Bek said...

That is a beautiful song and a great post. Do you mind if we learn it also? Such a great way to get started in the day.

Anna at Joy In Every Step said...

Thank you so much for sharing this song. It has been a wonderful addition to start off our school day! My girls have loved learning it!

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