Monday, March 24, 2008


Children's Book Monday shall return next week- I need to find the nearest library again- what fun!

Things are finding their place. Micah is learning where the bathrooms are, and just in time, too! Corban's fingernails are dirtier than I've seen them in seven months, and Eliana is unfazed by the whole thing. We even drove to our apartment the other night to pick something up, and she clapped and sang out, "Bath?"

Now, for some help, dear reader. Does anyone know of a really good window cleaning trick? My windows are streaked and dusty, and before I put up blinds or curtains I would love to give them a thorough cleaning. Preferably something natural- I've heard of vinegar and water, but I don't know the amounts. Your help, if you please!

Thank you!

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Joyful Days said...

So excited for you that you are getting settled. I've always liked the unpacking and making it "home" stage.

I don't know the ratio to mix vinegar & water, but if you packed with newspaper you can use that for wiping the windows down and there shouldn't be any streaks.

Looking forward to hearing about your new home. A new library to find--great fun!!



Anonymous said...

Oh hoooray!!!!! I simply CANNOT wait for pictures, but sigh, I know you are otherwise occupied right now. :)

As for the vinegar for windows. YES, it works PERFECTLY. I use one part vinegar and 3 parts water. And absolutely use the newspaper. Your hands will get black, but amazingly those windows will be sparkling!!

Enjoy every moment of this, Elise. What a gift in this Easter season to be entering into your own Easter season in your journey!

Sarah said...

We had bad hard water and mineral marks on our garden level apartment windows. What I did was wipe of the surface dust with a wet rag, then I sprayed straight vinegar on the windows and let it soak. I repeated this about three times and my windows were spotless! I had many neighbors asking what I did because they had had no luck. I'm sure for general dust and dirt, the diluted formula of one to three would work just fine though. Good luck! And happy new home, what a blessing!
Love, Sarah

Kelly said...

Glad to hear you are settling in--we women love making our nests!

Joy said...

Congrats on moving in! SO excited for this gift you all have prayed for for so long. I third the newspaper trick- and if you wear gloves (dishwashing gloves work fine) you'll not get the black all over you! :)

How funny about Eliana and the bath...too cute.

CC said...

Since I found your blog right when you started your Lenten stop to Children's Book Monday, I decided to just go ahead and keep it up. So I've got a few weeks of books I've written about. I can't wait to start sharing them again next week!

Andrea said...

Dirt under fingernails?
As far as windows, I use the yucky stuff :Windex. Everything else is "natural", but I truly believe Windex does the best job!!
Good luck, and glad to see you back.

laurel said...

Congrats on your new home. I am so happy for you both (and especially for the child with the dirty fingernails!! hah). I agree with everyone above that said to use newspaper. It works miracles.

Beverly said...

Elise! I'm so glad you are getting all comfy cozy :-) I don't have advice about the windows, although I was interested to see what everyone else said! May you start making wonderful memories in your new home. Can't wait to hear about them!!

Beka said...

So glad you're settling in to your new *home*!!

For windows? I actually use a bucket full of warm water with a small drop (really-- just one small drop) of dishwashing soap, then wash with a squeegee (is that how you spell it?) It works like a charm. I'll be doing this next week... time for spring cleaning!

Have fun getting cozy in your new abode! Our hearts are with you, and you are in our prayers, as always.

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) It's a joy to hear that you are settling in!! With love and prayers, Q

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy for all the new and exciting things you get to experience with a new home! (Such as finding a new library nearby and dirty fingernails!) :)

I found this webpage a long time ago with lots of recipes for homemade cleaners:

I've tried several of them with good results.

Here are 2 for window cleaners:

Lavender Blossom Glass & Window Cleaner

2 cups distilled or bottled water
1/2 cup vinegar
6-8 drops lavender essential oil

Combine all ingredients in large spray bottle. Gentle shake to blend before each use. If vinegar scent is too strong, you can also add a few drops of chamomile to smooth it out a bit.


Glass Cleaner

4 cups water
6 T vinegar
� t (dish) detergent


I always use newspaper for window cleaning as well. It's the best! Also, if you have any of that plain packing paper from your move, that works great, too!

Glad to see you back to blogging!


Anonymous said...

Oops, that should say 1/2 teaspoon in the second recipe. :)

henryteachers said...

So glad you're settled starting to make your house a home. I second the vinegar/water/newspaper on the windows. It works wonders! Enjoy checking out your new library. It was so great seeing you last week. You're family is so wonderful!
Mindy :)

Anya said...

Elise - wishing you and your lovely family a real haven in your new home. May it be a place where Christ loves to dwell.
And I was encouraged to read that Eliana was not fazed by the move. Only 3 weeks til we move 1500km to our new home, and I have been concerned abut how Evangeline will adjust. Glad to hear from someone who's 'gone ahead'!
love to your family from ours...

Mrs. Rabe said...

I use an old tip from Emilie Barnes: half water/half rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly leaving no streaks!

Looking forward to some pictures!

Mercy said...

My husband (the window cleaner in our family) swears by the squeegee.
Glad you're back blogging. Congratulations on your move!

Maxine said...

Welcome back! Missed you. And best wishes in your new home. Thanks for posing this question. It's interesting to see what others say so I can tell my husband, who's the window washer around here. And I must say we're due.

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