Monday, May 05, 2008

Not Merely Surviving (*updated)

I'm here. And I am most definitely doing well!

We moved, and so all semblance of my carefully ordered life was packed away somewhere and I have yet to find it. I cannot grasp my precious schedule- it slips through my fingers like the ribbons of packing paper I've saved to wash my windows. (That's right. I still have not washed my windows. Well, I did the front living room and the dining room. Those are the ones our company see the most...)

As much as the morning sickness has found me over the toilet, with concerned pigtails peeping around the corner... "Mama? Need medicine?"... as often as the exhaustion has prevailed and my bed was chosen over school... as busy as the days have been settling into a new, larger home and realizing there is a whole downstairs I now have to keep clean... company coming and going almost constantly since we moved... as overwhelming as all of this seems while I type it, I simply cannot refer to these past months as merely survival. Merely surviving does not include such gifts as I have received and for which I have sent praise winging heavenward...

Some highlights:

A heartbeat. A first visit to our midwife at nearly thirteen weeks brought a frighteningly familiar result as she, at first, searched for the heartbeat to no avail. But after much shifting and prodding, that beautiful sound poured out of the speaker as I covered my face and wept. I've been longing to hear that precious *whoosh-whooshing since August... (click to hear a snippet of the moment...)

A two-year-old who is speaking so that I can understand her... just when did that happen? Another Letter to Eliana coming soon...

A trip with my husband to the Pepperdine Bible Lectures... just he and I; time to cuddle, talk, and learn together. I'm still pondering being the message... Living authentically.

My family traveling five hours to spend the week with our children so that their lives would be as little disrupted as possible while we were away... school hours, zoo hours, park hours... and precious Nana and Papa hours... such a gift.

So much more, but as always, I have not the energy. I have, however, been rejoicing with you, thanking with you, dreaming with you, learning with you, praying with you and for you... although I have not been able to stop by for long.

I'm going to creep back in slowly... there. I said it. Now I won't be able to stop writing! I hope.

Love to you, friends.

(Some photos of our time away, taken by my lovely sister, Beth)

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Anonymous said...

Me first! Me first! I don't know if I've ever commented. I love reading your heart Elise. You are first on my list of blogs to read and my heart leaps when I find a new piece. I love and miss you all. We will find time to spend together this summer.
Love Jeremy (for the Redondo Kirchers)

Quinne said...

Hi Elise! It's a delight to find you here with an update :) You are on my heart so often, and I am praying for joy in each day for you and for your sweeties. Love and hugs, Q

Carrie said...

What a beautiful post. So thankful for the beating heart of the precious one growing within you.


Stacy said...


I have been thinking of you so much, and wondering how you're doing...

So glad to hear how you are. And I'm praising God with you for His gifts!


Andrea said...

Very exciting to see you highlighted on my bloglines.
I've missed you.
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Much love,

Meredith said...

Yes, welcome back! And I'm so happy that you heard the wonderful noise of a heartbeat.

laura said...

thrilled at your wonderful news- isn't the heartbeat the most precious sound in the entire world? i know you are so thankful. glad to see you are back. morning sickness is tough- praying that you will get relief soon.

Sarah said...

So glad to hear from you and see you again! I've been thinking of you often and am praising the Lord with you for that beating heart! You were right, spring brought new life:). God is good, all the time! Love to you sister.
Always, Sarah

Christine said...

I have been praying for your and (I must admit) fighting anxiety about the possible causes of your silence here (though I'm really not one to talk lately!!). I am so glad to know you are well- excited about your time with Kevin, your little chatterbox (still wish we could get those babies together!!) and the blessed sounds from the womb. Yay!

Love you!

Sandy said...

I am very, very happy to read this post today. Continuing to pray for you and your little one.

Maxine said...

Miss you, dear, but we understand! What a full life you have--Cherish these precious days. Good to hear the news of a heartbeat! What a wonderful sound it is. Have a blessed Mother's Day, you and your sweet family.

Joy said...

Sweet Elise,
Thank you for stopping in and saying hello during such a busy time. I'll admit it, I have missed you, but I am so glad that you've had time to recharge with Kevin!

As much as I am bummed that the morning sickness has been rough, I am so glad to hear of it, and the babies heart beat!Praising our Father! :D

I have had a similar discovery with Lorelei and her talking this week, so it's not just you- totally took me by suprise. She's not quite 2 yet.

Beverly said...

Elise ~

Thank God - "all is well." I've been praying for that heartbeat for you.

Your family is getting more and more beautiful.

Love always!

rcsnickers said...

Praising with you at the sound of your little one's heartbeat! Glad you had time with your family and away time with your husband! I was just realizing in the pictures how much your children have grown since our meeting (reading of blogs!). Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Okay, I loved how a previous commenter (Jeremy) worded that and it is true!

If not long enough, I love your playlist! To be honest, I will play it and start another internet program so it can play while I request and read Children's book Monday or printing the next days school work!! :)

Miriam said...

So good to read your words and hear that you're doing so well. Continued blessings in all things! :)

The Small Scribbler said...

"Being the message"...I live in a dark place and I'm pondering this as well.

A heartbeat...praise God! I continue to rejoice with you.

Beautiful photos. My favorite...The Willow Tree Father. There is something so soothing and peaceful about having a Willow Tree piece of two scattered about the house. I have a few in the kitchen that my eyes rest on time and again while I work.

Good to visit with you for a minute or two. My kids are enjoying this time as well...dancing around the kitchen table, sweeping and washing to your blog music.



Mercy said...

What a beautiful family you have! Eliana is breathtaking!

Hope you're feeling better.

Blessings to you.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss you!! You look lovely and yes, GLOWING!!

I wept along with you when I heard the heartbeat.

This baby is so blessed!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Dear Elise...
In the quiet of working in the field today, and whispered a prayer for you, you pressed on my heart. Grateful that He knew exactly how you were, how you are... and now, before bed, to slip in here, and to here how, as always, all IS well. Thank you, Father. Always.

How I send love,

Britney said...

You don't know me, but I promise I am not one of those crazy blog-stalkers that you hear about on the news! : )

My name is Britney & I am a (Texan) friend of Bekki Williams'. I just wanted to say, I cried when I heard the baby's heartbeat on this blog. Bekki called me on her way to your house to babysit while y'all went to the doctor & my daughter and I prayed for you that the appointment would go well. I was so happy when she called me later - as soon as I answered the phone, I said, "They heard a heartbeat, right!" We praise God for the baby growing inside you & continue to pray that all goes well!

chickadee said...

so glad for an update. i've been thinking of you.

laura said...

Elise- that must be the sweetest sound in the entire world. weeping tears of joy with you, my friend.

tonia said...

what joy! i am so glad to hear all your good news...and so glad to have you "back." :)

much love,


Laura said...

Rejoicing with you, my friend. I know how good that heartbeat sounds! And how sweet for you to let us hear it.
I can't believe how much Eliana has grown! She's beautiful, as is your whole family.
So glad you were able to get away for a few days and slowly are able to get settled in. I know the feeling...I'm still not there yet myself.

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