Wednesday, July 30, 2008


(Forgive this seemingly one-dimensional Mama, but since Daddy is away again for a long week directing camp and she is surrounded by her little ones 24/7, she has nothing better to do (and she means that in the nicest way!) than to delight in their sayings and laugh at their wit...)

Eliana sighs from her carseat and sings out, "I gonna marry Daddy!"

I smile tenderly and think of a time when I longed to marry my own Papa. After all, he was the nicest, cuddliest, strongest man I knew!

"Why do you want to marry Daddy, Eliana?" I ask, peeking in the rearview mirror at her coronet of blonde braids.

"Because," she answers, staring out the window. "He's cute. And I cute."

Oh. Well, there's always that.

(Eliana, dancing rapturously with the cute man she's going to marry)

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Sarah said...

so precious! Isn't that the best! I hope my girls feel this way about their daddy for a LONG time, until they are at least 21;).
How are you doing sister? Stop by some time.
Love, Sarah

Beverly said...

Oh how wonderfully adorably sweet! And that song is making me want to cry ;-)

Audrey said...

Eve told me a few weeks back "I marry you mommy". I laughed and inside smiled as I realized she was telling me she could spend forever with me. It was really sweet. Then she got mad at me latter in the day and said "I not marry you anymore mommy" I put a frown on and she rubbed my arm and said "Oh mommy, I still marry you"

Christine said...

I love the picture with her eyes closed! She is sooooo sweet!

And never be sorry for passing along these glimpses into your home. I love them!

Hope you're feeling wonderfully lately!

Wendy said...

That is SO sweet!

Me said...

Very, very sweet.

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

So precious... treasure these days!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Last week, Shalom hugged Darryl and whispered in his ear, "I be your wife?"

We soak in these love days, yes?

May it be a good week, Elise, for you and those precious ones...

All's grace,

Sarah said...

we grilled up some zucchini with our burgers tonight, YUM!!!! That's my new favorite way to "do" zucchini! Now on to a chocolate zucchini cake and that yummy fritata recipe. Thanks for coming over, it was good to hear your "voice".
Love, Sarah

Martie said...

Absolutly beautiful!

Praying for you this week as you parent alone.


Andrea said...


Papa said...

Wonderful - we all would miss those days if the little ones didn't keep coming along and make more beautiful memories, except now they belong to that tiny dancer who once wanted to marry me!

Sure do love you! - Papa

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That's wonderful--She sure is cute!

My little girl wants to marry her baby brother...

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