Sunday, September 14, 2008

Children's Book Monday

Clever Beatrice
by Margaret Willey
Illustrated by Heather Solomon

Yes, clever Beatrice. This book made us smile, and Daddy laughed out loud as he cleared the table after dinner, just listening to us in the next room!

First of all, we were so pleased to have a map of Michigan's upper peninsula at the front of the book- this is where the story takes place! Lake's Superior, Huron and Michigan are portrayed in lovely watercolor, as well as herds of cows and cabins belonging to characters in the story. Throughout this book, there are references to Big Bay de Noc and Sault Ste. Marie (which Mama had to run and look up for the proper pronunciation!) and which are also in evidence on the beautiful map.

Beatrice was little, but she could think fast on her feet! At breakfast, when her mother placed the last bowl of porridge in front of Beatrice, the little girl began to think of how she might help earn some money. She declared that she would go into the far north woods and find work. When her mother warned her of a rich giant there who gambled on his own strength, but wasn't very smart, Beatrice knew what she would do.

When Beatrice finds the giant, the two try to match their talent and strenth, and what follows is so clever and funny, you and your children will marvel at Beatrice's wit and laugh at the silly giant. The final paragraph from this sweet book...

Her mother would say that Beatrice was the most clever girl in the whole north woods.
Beatrice could not wait to hear it.
There are two other books in the Beatrice series, A Clever Beatrice Christmas and Clever Beatrice and the Best Little Pony, which we have not read yet but certainly intend to, now!

Happy Reading!

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Stacy said...

Yay! A Children's Book Monday! Can't wait to pick this one up from the library!

How are you feeling? Do you usually deliver early or late? Thinking of you as you're in that final stretch! And thanking God with you for this precious life within you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I've got so many great books to look for now after reading all of these blogs with book reviews! How did I ever know what to get at the library before? :o)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for faithfully doing these book reviews! Like Gwendolyn said, I really don't know what I'd do without them! We have found so many of our new favorites by visiting here on Mondays.

Have a great day!


AmysZoo said...

Thanks so much for these reviews! I just click over to my local library page, reserve the books, and they are there for me to pick up the next time the kids and I are there. It is a blessing to know there will be good books waiting for us :).


Karly said...

Thanks, Elise. Yet another to add to our wish list. It sounds great. Where do you find books? Recommendations? Do you just find them at the library?? We actually picked up a couple of the books you recommended while we were in the States this summer :-)
Happy Reading!

*hugs* Karly

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