Friday, October 10, 2008

For Daddy...

...who is away for four days...

Although we know you have lots to keep you busy, we think of you every minute, and have been working to fill all of the roles you play when you are here... your little men (and Eliana, too!) have been uncomplaining in their helpfulness... here is what we've been doing, Daddy...

:: snow is expected tonight, so the garden is harvested for the final time: green tomatoes sit in the shed on cardboard, to ripen slowly over the next few weeks... perfect, medium-sized orange pumpkins are lined up in preparation for carving... and the last of the green onions, candy onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers have been washed and stowed away for meals to enjoy now... and frozen for later, when Little Man arrives.

:: Micah wound up the garden hose, the best his little hands could do, and stowed it away safely. Corban ran around under the deck and tucked toys into the bin and pulled the wheelbarrow and wagons closer to the house.

:: We brought in all the shoes and boots that sit outside the back door and dropped them in a basket for easy access.

:: We took a walk to find the last of the good leaves... they are starting to get crisp and blotchy. Each child filled their bag happily, and tonight we used lots of stamp pads to make leaf pictures... Eliana wore the art smock that I wore as a little girl! We got messy, and so did the table, but smiles and exclamations of delight abounded.

:: We sipped on hot chocolate and read "Farmer Boy" tonight, after Eliana went to bed. And we looked longingly at your empty place at the table.

How we miss you. Hurry home, beloved Daddy.

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