Monday, March 02, 2009

Moment at Dusk

My taking back the day moment came at dusk.

I, trying to pull dinner together while preparing Kevin's birthday lunch for tomorrow at the same time. She, fluttering around my feet in a wedding veil, The Sound of Music pouring from the stereo speakers.

Gideon, fussing from my hip, Daddy throwing the baseball with the big boys in our backyard; pots bubbling, oven timer beeping, sun sinking behind the mountains. And that pesky hair pulling free from a bobby pin and brushing eyelashes.

Dance with me! she calls, for the fourth time.

And I bite back.

Green eyes hurt, shoulders fall.

Sigh. This is my moment, isn't it, Lord?

Okay! I chirp. Let's dance!

And we do. Gideon quiets on my hip, soothed by mama's swaying. The oven timer still beeps, the pots still bubble, and the sun has now disappeared.

Either way, dinner was going to be served. But this night, the table was set by a laughing, waltzing mama (or was it the polka?) and her partner, a little lady with shining eyes, who promises to remember to say please when she asks Mama to dance.

No regrets, even when it comes near the end of a day. Keep taking it back, one moment at a time.
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