Saturday, September 19, 2009


Many of you asked about the maps we have on our schoolroom walls, and since I'm not sure which ones in particular you are referring to, we'll have a tutorial on all of them!

This one-

-we found at our local MapWorld, but you can find it here, for a very reasonable price! This is our favorite; it is a map of the world, but antiqued, and if you gaze into the oceans, you will find legendary sea creatures and old, masted ships sailing the waters.

This one-

-is a simple map of the United States; you should be able to find it anywhere you shop for school supplies.

This one-

-is from a set of maps that accompany the Holling C. Holling books (this particular map goes with Minn of the Mississippi, which Corban is reading). You can find the set here, at Beautiful Feet Books.

Lastly, (and it isn't a map, but definitely worth sharing!) in the previous picture, you can see something else on the wall just past the Holling map; it is a wall chart of world history, and it comes out of this book. We received it as a gift years ago, and now my boys are old enough to really love this timeline- at any given moment in our school day, if I am working with someone else and they have a break in between subjects, you will find them standing at the timeline, tracing their fingers along paths they have just read about... Charlemagne; Richard, Lion of the Covenant; King Harold Godwinson of England... It wraps around the corner out of sight (in the picture) and completely fills the length of another wall.

Happy learning!
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