Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Saturday Learning Room

So the snowflakes are flying, the wind whipping the trees and blowing the last clinging leaves to the ground. It's warmer in the kitchen, and since we took a school day off this week to spend with Daddy before he left for the weekend, we take our books to the dining table and sit close, sock-slippered feet touching beneath the chairs.

Candle-lit, book-strewn, paper-littered, crayon-decorated... somehow, the figures are worked faster, the chapters are more intriguing, the conversation flows freer instead of the quiet concentration that is usually required. Perhaps it is the promise of a slide down the backyard hill in snow pants and snow boots that keeps the towheads bent over their work. Then again, perhaps it is the way the teapot is singing, cocoa-dusted mugs lining the countertop, waiting for their water bath and marshmallow bubbles.

Regardless, we should move up here more often.

Whether you sit at the learning room table or kick through autumn's last leaves or slide down a snowy hill, may you be blessed this weekend, dear reader!

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