Monday, March 22, 2010

See the Beauty

Oh, honey, can I help you with your socks?

No fanks, Mama!

It's okay.

I want to see the pretty!

I see it, too, precious.

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12 fellow travelers shared:

Linda said...

She is darling. I love her pretty shoes too!

Iowa Birdie said...

That is precious! Life without children's' eyes would be black and white. They make it color.

Her hair is 'PRETTY' too. WOWSERS!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

I absolutely love this. It totally makes sense too. Why would she want to hide the ruffles..and the shoes!

Kristin said...

I love how she is taking care of her baby brother. We have a little mother hen around here, too. :-) What a sweet picture story.

Hope you had a blessed night out with your hubby on Sunday.

Judy K said...

Oh, yes, Nana sees the beauty also!

Sarah said...

hilarious and precious!

Sheri said...


Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Oh Elise, what a precious little girl you have... love it!

Blessings, my friend!

Kathi said...

How Sweet. My Korinne is almost Ten, and was just wearing her "Easter" Socks with jeans the other day...she didn't tuck her pants in though...makes me realize my girls are Growing up.

I joined in Children's Book Monday, I hope that is OK.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Wow. That would be my Piper too. My mom told me stories about myself when I was a kid - she despaired of ever getting me to look less like a hoodlum.

It is always a letting go to appreciate the beauty in what isn't quite right to our perfectionist gaze, isn't it? Thanks for sharing. I needed this today.

Beverly said...

Love it. She's such a precious girl!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say I can't believe you don't have hundreds of readers- your way with words is amazing and you are one of my first blog stops. Thank you for sharing your gift. :)


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