Friday, April 30, 2010

Seed Sowers

That's you! Well, five of you, anyway. Actually, ten! 'Cause the winners of the Seeds Family Worship giveaway now have the opportunity to give away an identical cd to someone else! I love it...

'Round these here parts, we don't care much for the random number generator. We like the intimate, tangible nature of writing out all of the names from the comment box, cutting out the little papers, and mixing them up in our giant wooden bowl. (This is legal, right? For such a quiet little blog?) And this time, five of us got to stick our hands in and pull out a name!

Gideon had to be cajoled to reach his hand into the bowl- I'm not sure why. Maybe he was uneasy because we let him sit ON the table for the job, and he knows that is usually not allowed. Whatever the reason, we finally got him to reach into the bowl with everyone else, and he pulled out a name, too, with minimal wrinklage! (Jennifer!)

Will Jennifer, Megan, Courtney, Karawil, and The Homemaker please contact me with your mailing addresses?

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a chance to win one of these wonderful family worship cd's- I hope you'll all visit Seeds Family Worship and support this marvelous endeavor! Because sowing and scattering seeds in the name of Jesus... well, it's a family thing!
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