Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hidden in Our Hearts

My friend Jenny recommended Hidden in My Heart Scripture Lullabies to our family, and oh, how we love them! In our home, lullabies are meant for any hour of the day, especially scripture-filled... quiet time, meal preparation, snuggles with Mama in her favorite rosy pink chair...

...and it is the most requested music of choice for school hours. Beautiful voices, peaceful music that slows at the end of each song, and powerful, powerful scripture to encourage, strengthen, and calm spirits.

During math work, which one child particularly struggles with, the words of Be Still and Know bolster him, gird him, and make this mama's heart respond calmly and rationally, a smile on my lips that is put there by God alone.

Hidden in My Heart is such an appropriate title- as we tackle daily chores, or sit quietly forming letters, the words of the scriptures sink in gently, and when the music is over and we run outside for a walk or play or work, the words continue to come; we hum with purpose, reminding each other of the truth: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; He is able so I am able; I can do all things. He lifts me up when I am weak, He gives me words when I can't speak; He strengthens me. He is my hope for each new day, and when it's dark He lights my way; He strengthens me...

Go, see, listen... and let your hearts be filled.

May peace and truth and love reign in your home, kind friends!
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