Friday, May 28, 2010

The Winners!

Congratulations Erin, Kimbra, and Katie! Would you lovely ladies kindly email me with your addresses? Then I will slip a little peace into an envelope and send it on its' way to you, with love and prayers!

And if you didn't win one of these exquisite CD's of scripture lullabies, (how I desired every one of you to be so blessed!) please visit the website and prayerfully listen- the download is only $10.95 (so you can enjoy right away!), or perhaps you could consider buying several of the CD's to have on hand for baby showers, or just as a blessing to someone in need of the peace the scriptures have to offer, combined with the beautiful music and voices.

Thank you so much for helping to support and promote this fledgling company, Scripture Lullabies- may you be equally blessed, kind friends!
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