Sunday, June 27, 2010

Children's Book Monday

The Gardener
by Sarah Stewart
pictures by David Small

We've spoken of this beloved husband and wife duo before... here is another *must-own* for your bookshelves!

The Other Side
by Jacqueline Woodson
illustrations by E.B. Lewis

My Corban was deeply moved by this simple story of two girls living on opposite sides of the fence... and how what may very well have felt like opposite sides of the world soon became as easy to surmount as wooden fence rails...

Mama, Is It Summer Yet?
by Nikki McClure

It is amazing to me how much detail can be wrung out of the seemingly austere look of paper-cut illustrations, but oh, how happy I am to learn something new! From lined smiles, apple blossoms, and freshly sprouted seedlings to ducklings on a pond and the rounded belly and individual toes of the little one in the pictures, the simple question and detailed answers of a boy and his mama makes for wonderful summer reading... you might find yourself eager for a splash on your backside into the summer wading pool when you're finished!

Happy Reading!

3 fellow travelers shared:

Anna said...


I added a link to a few of the reviews I've done in the past several weeks.

We love The Gardener and The Other Side, too. I'll have to check out the third one you mentioned.

By the way, I love the post below with Gideon saying "yay!" So cute!!!


Kathi Bailey @ A Mother's Prayers said...

We have The Gardener here with us from the Library (again). Korinne and I love it. If we EVER have another girl, I want to name her Lydia Grace...but...we seem to have only BOYS anymore :)

I was thinking of doing an ALIKI review, we have A Play's The Thing checked out right now, and we're reading William Shakespeare & the Globe for school this week, but I am so tired. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow evening.

Happy Reading to you, and thank you for sharing.


The Homemaker said...

We were able to get The Gardener on audio and listen to it along with many others on the ipod while we are traveling! Love it!

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