Wednesday, July 28, 2010


While my husband and I slipped away alone (not once, not twice, but three(!) times in the past couple of weeks), there were secret doings back at home...

My beautiful, talented, creative, loving, laughter-inducing sisters were here.

And this is the amazing evidence they left behind...

Fairy Princess Eliana
(click each picture to see more...)

Gentlemen Corban and Micah

Little Man Gideon

They couldn't have given us a greater gift, other than their presence in our home.

My sisters are gifted with rich creative talents, and I love seeing how they use their gifts to glorify the Lord. May I share them with you? I hope you don't mind clicking away here and there, since it will give you a peek into the beauty they've bestowed on my life...

This is Abbie, the sister I prayed for and finally received when I was nine years old, surrounded by three raucous brothers.

She's quirky and smart, feisty and gentle, thoughtful and wild. Her writing is breathtaking (shared it with you here), her sewing projects are amazing (here's our personal favorite!), her artwork simple and inspired, and oh-so-precious, and her generous hands create beautiful meals for family events. You might want to stick her blog in your favorites, cause it's just so much fun to pop in there and be inspired in a brand new way!

And this is Bethany. I held her and sang her to sleep nightly when I was almost fifteen years old, and our spirits must have intertwined or something cause we look so much alike that my Little Man kept saying, Mama! whenever she walked around a corner last week! Then he sheepishly ducked his head and murmured, Beff.

She is graceful and quiet, sensitive and steady, and oh-so-talented with the camera. (It's her behind the lens in the pictures of my children!) Her good camera recently broke, so she's been "making do" with a point-and-click, but she's proving the theory that it's all about the photographer, not the camera! She's the photographer behind The Girl in the Red Dress (it was Abbie's brain child, and you just might see some pictures of silly me if you pop over there!), and along with her (not quite) daily blog, she shares some of her photography talents at Red Dress Photography. (If you're in the Nampa, Idaho area, she just might be available to capture your family in her own creative way!)

Madeline, my youngest sister, is behind the scenes in all of these creative undertakings (if you visit Abbie and Bethany's blogs, you're sure to see her, though!)... her hip-length blond locks getting in someone's way, her laughter taking us by surprise, her gentle hugs calming the meal preparation, her generosity in playing with my boys, who are younger and wilder and, well, boys... nothing would quite be the same without her around. And even though she doesn't have a blog, my boys have beautiful letters from their auntie pinned to their bulletin board, and the spot on her hip where Little Man can so comfortably sit tells a story of nurturing love and womanhood in bloom... we're so looking forward to how He will tell His story through Maddie.

So, needless to say, this is where I've been the past couple of weeks. Soaking up the joy, laughing till it hurts, and saying goodbye once again.

I love the evidence my sisters left behind. Don't you?

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Elizabeth Foss said...

Dear Elise,
Thanks so much for sharing this. This line: I held her and sang her to sleep nightly when I was almost fifteen years old, and our spirits must have intertwined or something cause ...
This line made tears come to my eyes. I don't come from a big family or one with dear sisters, but I am the mama to one. And you've given me glimpse of what's to come for my girls. I can only hope it's as beautiful as your sisterhood.

Kristin said...

I, too, have younger sisters and they are such a special blessing. One of my sisters was born when I was 13. She is across the country (much closer to your state than mine) living with my brother and his family for the summer. We miss her dearly! Yesterday was my Maddie's sixth birthday and we were delighted by a phone call from across the miles!

My other sister was born just 4 months before my wedding at age 21 and is my children's dearest friend. She is much like my Owen in personality and delights in understanding his quirks when the rest of us are baffled. :-)

Special sisters indeed.

Stacy said...

What a tremendous gift to have your sisters with you! YAY! I'm so happy for all of you!

(The photos? Truly beautiful!)

Melissa said...

I only had the raucous brothers and no sisters, but I'm glad you got yours. :)

What a sweet week for you and a sweet gift. My cousin & her family live in Nampa, so I'll have to let her know about Bethany!

Melissa said...

P.S. Are you originally from Nampa? I grew up in Grangeville.

Andrea said...

I am not surprised at the gifts and talents your sisters share.....just look at you!!! =)
And I LOVE the photos. So absolutely beautiful!!!!

Ann said...

Elise, the photos are beautiful!!! I especially love the one of Gideon. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family and I am sure it was wonderful to get some alone time with Kevin...what a gift! Love you!

Carrie said...

Sweet Elise, what precious pictures of your little ones.

Linda said...

This is a sweet post Elise. There is something so special about growing up with sisters. It made me miss my little sister. Inexplicably she estranged herself from our family over six years ago. We all miss her so much.

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