Sunday, November 14, 2010

Children's Book Monday

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I wish we had found this book a few weeks ago, so we could enjoy it a little longer before Thanksgiving comes and goes. Fortunately, this story is so unusual and moving, we can enjoy it year round!

The Thanksgiving Door
by Debby Atwell

It is Thanksgiving Day, and Ann has burned the dinner. Her husband, Ed, wisely slips coats over their shoulders and leads her out the door to see if the new restaurant down the street is open.

Though not a person is in sight when they arrive, there is a warmth and beauty found in the large room with beautiful decorations of Thanksgiving- pilgrims and native American figurines alongside dancing characters from the old country.

The owners peep through the kitchen doors, distressed because they were not supposed to be open today, and were just beginning their own feast! Grandmother urges the family to share the meal with the lonely couple, and what transpires is a beautiful tale bearing the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Friendships are forged at the long table, and after the owners deny Ed and Ann the chance to pay for their meal, everyone gathers babies and chairs and heads up the staircase for an evening of music and dancing- men in ushankas and women in traditional aprons and vests, and even Ed, who has never danced a lick in his life joins in!

After the sweet goodbyes and promises of continued relationship, Papa finds something peculiar keeping the cafe door from closing, and Grandmother's wisdom reminds the family that a Thanksgiving door is like a happy heart, opened up big and wide.


Happy reading!

3 fellow travelers shared:

Anonymous said...

...what I wouldn't give to be able to go home, and walk through my own family's Thanksgiving Door!

(maybe next year)

For now, I will just open *my* Thanksgiving Door big and wide!

Cheryl said...

I just linked to your Children's Book Monday for the first time...but it certainly isn't the first time I've loved a book you've recommended! Thank you for sharing such treasures!
~ Cheryl (Kristin's mom)

Becky said...

I loved this book. Thanks for recommending it! I am going to link to this post.

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