Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again {Menus}

For the first time since we moved at the end of May, I've created a monthly menu. This entails a few hours (taken in snippets over three days, thankyouverymuch), some old and new favorite cookbooks, a fresh page in my journal and lots of advice from people who are shorter than me. Oh, and one who is taller than me, now. (Hence the cookbook in the middle of the stack.)

We've driven the eighty-minute round trip to purchase the groceries, I've posted the menu for August in a plastic page protector on the fridge and have chicken thawing for the Koftas tonight.


I love to keep extra notes in my journal, such as special symbols matching which cookbook a new recipe came from, and dividing lots of extras up into categories: Sides, Treats, New Things, Baking, and Potluck. We have our main menu posted, but I always have my journal nearby with all the details.

How do you make your menus?

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Kathi said...

Um...Brian goes to Sam's and Kroger on Payday...gets ALL the usuals...and I text him daily, at 3:30, asking what he wants for dinner. Terrible, I know...and so-not-beautifully-creative for a family of soon-to-be 10! But the truth.

I was so happy to see you back and posting. We've had a pretty 'unusual' summer too. But He pulls us through, doesn't He (even when we don't see how He can)?

Your book recommendations sound wonderful, I MUST get your 'Teenage Boys' cookbook (and believe me, teenage girls eat a bit too:), and your 'Moment' is absolutely breathtaking!

Much love & enjoy the end of your summer <3

Anonymous said...

Very nice! New this year, having my weekly schedule on the fridge has been *so* nice. warmly from Mary Brooke

Crystal said...

Hey Elise! Having food planned is essential for peace at our house! Unfortunately I haven't been meal planning in quite some time. :(

You have inspired me though, and with home-school and volleyball around the corner its the perfect time to start!

What works for us? Well we shop every two weeks and also travel 80 minutes round trip to Costco.

I am however consistently, inconsistent- so the best plan of attack is for me to make 2 or 3 of each meal... eat one for dinner and freeze the rest! (I have even been known to do this with cookie dough balls.)

The best part of cooking x2 or 3 is that it is usually cheaper to buy in bulk, and eventually (2-3 months) your freezer fills up quite nicely, and I can usually not buy anything at the store but produce for a month.

The other thing we have done in the past was have a meal swap. Once a week I would cook x4... keep one for us and freeze the rest, take them to church on Sunday to swap with our group.

This only works if you all have similar "likes", sizes of families, and eating habits.. But it was oh -so lovely! I am not sure why we aren't still doing it! Hmmmm... maybe I need to make some phone calls!

Happy planning!

homeschooling in the garden of life said...

So, so glad to have you "home". Welcome back.
Blessings from Kristi in Nampa

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