Sunday, August 07, 2011

{Classic} Children's Book Monday

In October of 2006, I published my very first Children's Book Monday. I'd only been blogging for nine months at that point, so it's funny to look back and see all the issues I had with spacing, and trying to figure out how to link the book and download the picture. Such an amateur! (She said tongue-in-cheek since she still has to google for html hints nearly every post.)

Since that very first "review", (which wasn't even a review at all, it was really just an excuse for me to talk about books. That's all.) I've written 139 more. 140 Children's Book Monday's. That makes me so happy! And while it isn't a well-known "meme" and there are rarely more than a few comments, or link ups to other reading mama's, it has warmed my heart over the years to hear of how our recommendations and book lists have blessed other families. I am so thankful for this opportunity to share our love of books!

This past week, Eliana brought home an old favorite from story time at the library. And as soon as I glimpsed the cover, as I have every time in the almost-five years since I very first set eyes on it, I wanted to plop down immediately and read it cover to cover.

It was Sophie's Masterpiece. My very first review.

We've read it countless times over the years, and since then have added Eileen Spinelli to our list of favorite authors, and Jane Dyer now holds a leading place on our favorite illustrator's list. The selfless spinning spider still captures our hearts today- I'm so grateful to be sharing this book with my girl now, who was not even a year old when we first read it!

So if you haven't been reading along with me since 2006 and you've never heard of this precious story, you can read about this classic CBM book here. And then you'll be adding it to your library list, I know it.

Happy Reading!

My friend, Anna, who often joins Children's Book Monday and shares her exquisite taste in children's books, is having a giveaway of three marvelous books this week- pop over here to read her review and enter!

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I have but occasionally left comments - this seems like a good post to add one more! I have appreciated your book review posts - over the course of a few evenings I read through every single one of them, adding books to our library list, and when they were unavailable adding them straight to my Book Depository wishlist with "Elise Hooper rec" jotted down in the notes! Many of the borrow-from-the-library-books have made it to the BD wishlist after we have enjoyed them and deemed them must-haves for our own shelves!
Thanks for your suggestions. We certainly have appreciated the treasures down here in New Zealand.
~Rachael in NZ

Anna said...

Hi Elise,

I'm sure there are many more people who appreciate your reviews than you know about.

Those of us who have been reading them for a long time realize what good taste you have in children's books and we're thankful that you share it with others.

Good taste isn't something you can manufacture; it is just one of the gifts that God has given you to share! :)

I'm having a little giveaway with my review this week. I hope that some of your book loving readers will drop by and enter!


Anonymous said...

We appreciate your recommendations! We have been blessed by them. It's also nice to be connected to a kindred spirit :-).

There were dozens of full sets of "My Book House" on condition less than $40 with shipping. We got our set....
warmly from Mary Brooke

I Live in an Antbed said...

Thank you for all the wonderful books you share! :)

yankeechick said...

I don't often comment, but I always appreciate your book recommendations. They immediately get requested from our library and are always enjoyed. Thanks so much for the time and wisdom you bless others with.
-Rachel H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elise
Please feel free to delete this comment when you've read it!
I was just requesting from our library one of your suggestions (The End by David LaRochelle) and saw another book he has written that I am certain you would not be keen on (Absolutely, Positively Not - a teen book about "coming out") and thought I would warn you. Another of his (1+1=5) books like it might be interesting though.
Hope you don't mind me sharing.
Rachael in NZ

Inspiration Station said...

I am just now catching up on your blog. It has been too long. Wow, you have written so many Children's Book Monday posts and they have always been so wonderful. So thank you for sharing your love of children's literature with all of us in the blog world.

I was very surprised to find you have moved away and I never did have you down our way. For that I am sorry. We are going to the zoo tomorrow, so I was thinking of you and your family when we went a few years ago and so I stopped by today to see what you have been up to. Your youngest has grown so much.
Take care,

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