Friday, October 07, 2011

{this moment}

Linking this week's (snowy, romantic getaway) moment to Soulemama.

4 fellow travelers shared:

Pam... said...

How cozy and comfortable!

Kathi @ A Heart Like Water said...

I was going to say ... "WOW! that's the coziest little parsonidge I've ever seen!"


What a blessing to be able to 'romantically getaway' ... yet another reason we miss living by our mothers/grandmas!

Have a great weekend, Elise!
Love, kathi

P.S. That book is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY one of mine and Brian's favorites, and literally changed our family two years ago!

Linda said...

Looks absolutely perfect Elise.

emily said...

love this picture :) looking closely, i see the 2 sets of feet :) yay, for snuggling, reading a (fabulous) book, talking, sharing, loving together.

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