Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Deliver Us From People

Gideon's turn! (In case you can't tell, he segues straightaway into the Doxology, a family tradition.)

Eliana: The Lord's Prayer, Abridged, and The Lord's Prayer, Extended Version.

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Kathi @ Like Water said...

Very sweet. Wesley goes straight into the Doxology after Bedtime Prayers (a family tradition).

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmastime.

Love, kathi

Linda said...

Oh Elise - he is just precious. My heart zooms back about 40 years when there were two little boys in our home. I miss those days.
Thank you so much for sharing these sweet moments.

emily said...

so incredibly precious. beyond! thanks for sharing.

Stacy said...

Eeeee! *squealing* about how cute that boy is! That was adorable!

Anna said...

Thank you for sharing the preciousness of your little ones speaking God's Word! I love it! :)

Christine said...

cutest. thing. EVER!!! Oh, my word, I want to eat him up!

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