Monday, February 13, 2012

Children's Book Monday

The Big Red Tractor and the little village
by Francis Chan
illustrated by Matt Daniels

They had Gideon at "tractor". They had me at Francis Chan.

All it took was Crazy Love, and we knew we would also want The Big Red Tractor for our children.

This is one story in a group of three books (so far!) by Chan that reads like a parable for children, and it is profound enough to move, while still remaining simple enough to understand and encourage dialogue with your child.

The Big Red Tractor lives happily in a cozy little shed in a happy little village. The problem is, he's only appreciated for the powerful noises he makes; even though the entire village works together every day in the fields, they merely pull the Big Red Tractor to the field to sit and idle while they do the plowing and planting.

When Farmer Dave discovers the owners manual for the Big Red Tractor, he stays up all night to read it. When the morning comes, he can't wait to share what he learned!

But nobody believes him. How can the Big Red Tractor move on its own? It sounds like a fairy tale to them! Farmer Dave spends many nights fixing the tractor according to the manual, and when the village sees that he's plowed an entire field in one night, the wonderful news spreads.

This beautiful story reminds us that we shouldn't keep the Good News to ourselves- and why would we? When it can minister to and help so many others, why would we not act on it, share the blessing we've been made to be?

Happy Reading!

2 fellow travelers shared:

Stacy said...

Psst! {a recommendation to you and Eliana from our own stack of books}:

A Book for Black-Eyed Susan (by Judy Young, illustrated by Doris Ettlinger (who is a favorite around here)).


The Homemaker said...

I just had the opportunity to hear him speak this last week. What a blessing this man is to our world today. Breathing God's truth gently and quietly into the hearts of His people. A prophet among us. He is blessed indeed!

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