Thursday, April 19, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}


gift from my mama and sisters that slips a peekaboo-pretty into school hours.  (thank you!)


 Micah has new glasses! his smiles and exclamations of delight all afternoon have been a source of happy for us all...


Cor borrowed the camera to capture his newest project... creating primitive weapons with what he finds in the woods.
you ought not sneak up on a Hooper boy.


 found this in our Easter outtakes... Eliana, Gideon, can you stand over there while I check how bright the picture will be? this is so classic. both of them.

round button chicken

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Hope said...

Love the weapons! I'll tell my boys to watch out for yours if they meet in the woods. (and maybe you should do the just never know what boys will conjure up next!). :)

Anonymous said...

I always love to see/read your posts & I'm happy that you've linked up to Like Mother Like Daughter's pretty, happy, funny, real posts. I've enjoyed her blog--so practical & inspiring. I'm guessing you're not posting much right now, but I wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your posts, especially the bookish ones!

Anonymous said...

Do share! What is that sweet grammar curriculum peeking out from under your cup? Oh, and I've missed reading your posts!

Linda said...

It is so lovely to visit with you again sweet girl. The children are getting so big. Cherish these days.

Anonymous said...

so happy to read a post from you today. i have missed them.

we did not realize our korinne needed glasses, and then when she got them, it swelled my heart and brought me to tears. ...and, i see i have better weaponry to look forward to in my future (not just sticks:)

Anon, i believe that is CM's Simply Grammar by Andreola. a treasure.

have a great evening, Elise!
Love, kathi

Margo said...

love the Easter clothes! They look so cute that it makes all the hassle worth it. . .

Aimee said...

Elise, my niece gave me that same cup from Anthro for Christmas...I adore's just so HAPPY!

Cool weaponry. Must show the sons of mine.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Yes, thank you, Kathi! Anonymous, that is Simply Grammar by Karen Andreola, revised and expanded from First Grammar Lessons by Charlotte Mason. It really is a treasure! We do a lesson once a week during morning Grove Tending (Circle Time! ;)

Abbie said...

Ahh, you're back. Now I want to visit you... AGAIN!

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