Thursday, August 02, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}


Fifteen yellow roses began to droop, so fifteen yellow roses became a bowl full of petals.  We enjoyed their fragrance and color for a week longer!


Gideon has joined the ranks of avid painter; we had many such quiet, artistic moments while Daddy and the boys were away last week.


Yes, that is a scarf tied around the refrigerator doors.  Gideon thinks this is not only funny, but necessary when he's dressing up and pretending to be a bad guy.  Mama doesn't really.  Until she finds the picture on her memory card and catches herself grinning.


Before my camera battery decided it was exhausted, I got ONE!! picture while we visited our guys at camp.  This osprey mama (at the top of the tree on the left) did not like anyone getting too close to the babies in her nest, and would call and fly circles around the tops of the trees when we stepped within thirty yards. 
You go, mama.

round button chicken
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