Friday, October 13, 2006

A 10-month-old Can Eat Potato Peelings, Right?

Okay. Dana and I were trying to make dinner. The menu was sausage gravy and mashed potatoes. The potatoes got peeled, the gravy was simmering. Then it happened.
As I started the better butter mixing in the Vita-Mix, I heard a thump. I looked over to find Eliana, sitting in her walker next to the overturned trash can, munching on a potato peeling. I said, "Darn it!", then ran for the camera. As I snapped the picture, the potatoes boiled over on the stove. I snatched the peeling out of her hand, then ran to the stove, leaving Dana to finish up that mess. As I moved the pan off the burner, I remembered the better butter. I ran to the Vita-Mix. It was melted - which basically ruins it, making it a different consistency than the whipped butter we enjoy spreading on our bread.
I looked at Dana, and we burst out laughing. It's unbelievable, really, how often the meals we made were full of fiascos like this one - and usually involved each of us holding our baby on our hip and holding off the hungry boys so they would stay outside until dinner was ready. But it always ended with a great laugh, sometimes so hard that we couldn't breathe. And dinner was always served in an orderly fashion. Okay, that's a fib. But it always tasted great!

Go ahead and click on the picture to see her in her full glory! And take a close look at the floor - you might not see them, but the trash included coffee grounds.

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Katherine@Raising Five said...

Of course. She looks like she has an iron stomach, that one. Love it, and we have lots of orderly fashioned meals here, too (cough, cough!).

By the way, I just tagged you!

Christine said...

Hee, hee, hee! That's priceless! I've done that too, where I should be annoyed, but instead snap a bunch of pictures!

Hope you have a great trip!

Lyn said...

Don't you just LOVE garbage incidents? Whether it be the dog or the kids they get in it when the messiest stuff is in there. (coffee grounds, bar-b-q sauce)

Sue said...

That is truly adorable and comical. I have been accused of walking around the house with my camera attached to my hip. I have caught many moments like that one.

Kate said...

Yep--this sounds like something that happens in my house all the time! It's much cuter when it happens to someone else. What a cute picture!

Pam in Colorado said...

I admit it, I eat potato peels and have for as long as I can remember. They must be very clean though.

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories, my daughter who is 19 right now used to love to crawl in the other room and eat potato peels. Thanks for sharing

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