Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Time to Make Dinner, But I'd Rather Be Dancing

Do I need to say more? You know I'm going to.

We just got home from visiting family for five days, and even though I'm surrounded by mountains of laundry, suitcases, and clutter in general, it's time to make dinner. But Chris Rice is singing "Life gave me lemonade and I can't imagine why.." and I just want to dance around the living room like a little girl and see my daughter clapping her hands and bouncing on the balls of her feet for me to pick her up. I really just want to worship.

I feel so thankful to be surrounded by clutter within the four walls that protect us from the elements. I'm grateful for the washing machine that works its' tail off to keep up with our growing needs. I'm in awe that the Father cares enough for me that he gave me a wonderful husband who loves and leads his family. And I could weep with joy at the beautiful faces of my children.

Let my every move be an act of worship.

So, dinner. How about chicken nuggets and applesauce by lamplight? That leaves me a few minutes for a bedtime waltz with my Father.

I'll take it.

4 fellow travelers shared:

Pam in Colorado said...

Thanks for the birthday wish. I am a blessed woman for sure!

BTW: I hope you danced! Chicken nuggets and applesauce sound wonderful, I'm sure they enjoyed them. :)

RANDI said...

Hi Elise,

This is such a sweet post!

Kate said...

I'm right there with you! The "lemonade" of my life tastes so sweet, I can't help but dance for joy! Thanks for sharing!!

Christine said...

Wonderful! Life's too short to not take hold of those spontaneous moments! Glad you're back safely!

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