Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Secret Weapon

Two years and four months may separate Corban and Micah chronologically, but nothing separates them physically or emotionally. A hundred times a day I hear them say "I love you" to each other. I may have to walk them through an argument here and there, but never has it taken them more then a few minutes to regain trust in each other. They cherish their little sister, constantly ask me what they can do to help, and after they've descended the hill to the river, they turn and hold out their hands to help Mama down the slippery slope.

Now, I'm going to let you in on something - it's actually my secret weapon. It's why my boys are such good friends and great helpers. But when you hear it, you're going to want it, so I must warn you - there's only one, and it was given to me.

Are you ready?

It's... my husband. The father of my children. He has everything to do with the way these boys are turning out. He is a man, no question. He watches over his family physically, financially, spiritually. Yet he can sometimes be a step ahead of me when it comes to caring for our home; he does dishes and laundry before I even have time to realize what he's up to! And he is showing our boys what it means to be a man; a husband; a father.

With the help of my boys, I've compiled a list of what men, husbands, and fathers do. Most of the statements are theirs, with the exception of two or three.

Men burn paper products in a burning barrel from October through May. Men kill spiders. Men shoot birds because they can, and deer because they want to fill their family's freezer. Men get sweaty and stinky and dirty - for fun! Men leave the home every day to work hard to suppport their families. Men love God with all their hearts.

Husbands kiss their wives - in front of the kids! Gasp! Husbands see their wives stressing out and quietly go about their work until she comes around and apologizes. Husbands wrestle with their wives after the kids go to bed. (Don't ask.) Husbands pray for their wives and lead them spiritually into the helpmeet God intended them to be.

Fathers take the training wheels off the bike and then run beside it until that bike is conquered! Fathers show their sons how to care for their yards - even if they live in a parsonage. Fathers teach their sons how to whittle. Fathers show how to love your wife by everyday examples of affection and care. Fathers stand over their childrens' beds at night and pray for their souls.

I was 19 when we were married - just a child in so many ways. I didn't set out to find a man just like my father, (another wonderful example) but I found him nonetheless. As I grew into the woman I am today (with so much growing left to do, might I add), my husband has been there beside me; praying for me, guiding me, teaching me through his actions. The 10 years with my Mr. Steady have created a trust in me that I never thought possible! (Me, relinquish control?) And as we added children to our lives, watching him pray for and guide and teach them has been pure joy.

I see his gentleness reflected in their eyes. I see his passion reflected in their love for the Father. I see his chivalry in the way my sons go out of their way to offer Mama a hand in descending the hill to the river. I see his patience in the way they work with him and others. I see his tenderness in the way they hold their baby sister. I see his honor in the way they interact with people 15 times their age!

I am thankful beyond measure for the gift of sons. Yet I am even more thankful for the gift of a father for my sons; a real man, a true husband.

My soul doth magnify.

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Kate said...

What a blessing! I must disagree about the lawn stuff, though. My grandmother has been mowing her own yard since she was young--and she's 82!! Not because she's had to, but because she loves doing it. It was just another way to serve her husband, which she loved to do. I'm sure he did a few loads of laundry and dishes for her, just like Kevin does for you. Thank you, God, for our husbands!

Christine said...

I love this post. What a blessing to your husband you are in return to lift him up "at the city gates" as you just did. Thanks for the glimpse into your family.

Elise said...

Thanks Katie and Christine!
Actually, my emphasis was more on the fact that he trains his sons how to care for things that don't belong to them - i.e., the parsonage yard - more so than "men are in charge of yard work!" (Even though that happens to be Kevin's domain!)
I've been known to mow a time or two to help him out - once when I was 9 months preggo!
Thanks again for the input!

Stacy said...

Wow. I do love your posts.
I have my own Mr. Steady- and am ever grateful for the wonderful husband and father he is.
I'm so grateful to have found your site through Holy Experience.

Me said...

You are blessed.

Tracy said...

What a tribute to your husband and your sons. Praise the Lord that they have a wonderful teacher, and that they are following in his footsteps!

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