Thursday, November 30, 2006


He heard...

412. Papa, breathing - finally, on his own.
413. Steady, beating hearts
414. Papa's green eyes, open after a long sleep
415. His laughter
416. His crooked teeth
417. The way he moved in his anesthetized sleep only when Mama talked to him
418. His ring, worn on a chain around Mama's neck
419. His swollen, gentle, violin playing fingers
420. Being told he is a textbook patient
421. His wonderful nurses, fussing over him constantly
422. Lots of siblings to help carry the load
423. My wise, strong, capable brothers
424. Drinking chai tea with my siblings as we play the Farming Game and laugh, forgetting for a time.
424. Our path to the Father through Jesus
425. The opportunity to speak with Him anytime
426. Papa's slurred words to Mama before being wheeled into the operating room, "I've been having good fellowship with the Lord, sweetheart."
427. Technology
428. Oxygen
429. Thankful for wonder - it keeps God in His place with me - as GOD
430. A husband who takes time out of his days to teach the boys so I can be here.
431. Beautiful flower arrangements saying, "We love you!"
432. Ice chips, soothing a sore, dry mouth
433. Medical leave, so he can really rest
434. The surgeons
435. Having Papa home for the Christmas season
436. Having had Papa - at all.

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Munchkin Land said...

God is great, isn't He?!? Am so happy and thankful that all turned out well...

Mrs. S said...

Praying fervently for your Papa ...

Christine said...

I wish I lived nearby so I could give you a hug, your family a meal and watch your kids for you! It must have been an incredibly trying few days, but God is so faithful! He is with you and your Papa in the midst of it all. Hope the surgery went well.

Andrea said...

I know what you mean about your Papa's crooked teeth. I loved that.

So thankful that he is doing ok.
Thank you for updating us and I will continue to pray for a full recovery.

I love how you see the gifts in all of this.

Debi said...

So glad all is well....what a wonderful heritage you have. Thanks for sharing.

tonia said...

Rejoicing and praying with you, elise. God bless your family right now.

Stitchingmum said...

My prayers are with you and your family at this time, God's amazing grace and protection will carry you all.

Kate said...

Your parents are so cute! You look just like your Papa. By the way, I love how you call him "Papa." My mom called her father by that name, as well, and I always loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elise:

You probably don't remember me, but I was a friend of your parents years ago in Chicago (in fact, I babysat you a few times!). We just heard the news about your dad's heart attack and want you to know that we're sending our love and prayers. Please give our best to Kevin and Judy, and keep us updated on your father's recovery.

Much love,

Russ (and Pam) Proctor

Anonymous said...

Elise... as I write my list, I keep seeing how I am not as grateful... until I think I may lose something... or just about do. Perspective is an amazing thing. You gave me much here. Oh, Lord, forgive me for missing ALL that you give... like the BREATHING all around me...

Thank you, Elise...
Ann Voskamp

bluemountainmama said...

elise- these last two entries will be a gift in and of themselves to your father. i'm glad to hear he's doing okay and what a wonderful tribute to him in words and imagery.

Li'l Annie said...

Elise - I'm sooo glad to see that your dad is recovering well - my mom told me about everything so i've been praying for you sounds like a total miracle and it makes me smile and praise God, and it also makes me want to run home and hug my dad!
I just started reading your blog and it has blessed me tremendously...I have tons of stuff to be doing right now, but I couldn't stop reading - I feel so inspired after reading one entry, that I have to read another :) Keep writing, you have a gift! God bless you!

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