Friday, January 12, 2007

Attack of the Creel

Here follows a funny tale from the makers of Hooper-Isms, my sons, Corban and Micah.

(November 10, 2006)
As the boys watched a National Geographic video today - "Jewels of the Caribbean", I worked in the kitchen.

From what I could hear, a large group of creel fish attacked a school of parrotfish who had just finished laying their eggs. The result: not one egg was left.

I sighed sadly from my post at the sink, not realizing they could hear me.

And then Corban hollered from the other room, "It's all part of the food chain, Mama!"

Need a smile? A quick laugh? Check out the funny "Isms" of my sons. Or better yet, write down some of your own children's hilarity! They've all got it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Stacy said...

I love your "Isms" idea... makes me want to have a separate blog for things my children say, too! What a great way to document all the sweet-- and funny! things they say! :)

Also, we just picked up our library copy of Good King Wenceslas tonight. What a beautiful story (I had tears in my eyes as I turned the final page), with great illustrations.
Thank you!


kevin said...

My children...err...OUR children are so funny! This gave me a good laugh in-between my sermon preparation! Love you!

Miriam said...

So cute and funny! I really like your kiddos' Isms blog also.

Munchkin Land said...

They learn so fast, don't they?!

chickadee said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your chldren's book monday. have you ever thought of doing a mr. linky with it and having others contribute?

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