Monday, January 15, 2007

Children's Book Monday

Chester's Way
by Kevin Henkes

Chester is a very particular mouse. The same thing for breakfast: toast with jam and peanut butter; carrying a miniature first-aid kit in his pocket - always - just in case. And wonderfully enough, his best friend, Wilson, is exactly the same way! That's why they are best friends.

Inseparable, they ride their bikes, using hand signals, play croquet, and happen to be hungry only at the same time. At Halloween, they only dress as things that go together: salt and pepper shakers, two mittens on a string. And they tenderly look out for one another - once, when Wilson accidentally swallows a watermelon seed, he cries because he is afraid that a watermelon plant will grow inside him. So Chester eats a seed, too! "Don't worry," Chester tells Wilson. "Now, if you grow a watermelon plant, I'll grow one, too!"

One day, Lilly moves into the neighborhood, and she has her own way of doing things. Chester and Wilson don't quite know how to be friends with Lilly, since she is so different, and what follows is a fun example of how to give and take in a friendship.

Corban, who is seven, promptly took the book out of my hands the moment we finished and proceeded to read it to Micah. They giggled over the pictures, and I overheard Micah saying, "We're just like Chester and Wilson! That's why we're best friends!"

Kids will love the descriptions of Chester and Wilson's idiosyncrasies, and Lilly's outrageous outfits. Parents will love the give and take between the new friends; when Lilly shows the boys how to "pop wheelies", they in turn show her how to use hand signals! Hooray for following the rules!

Happy reading!

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6 fellow travelers shared:

Miriam said...

We love this book so much as well! Your boys' response was so very sweet...I hope mine will be best friends, as well.

mommy to four j's said...

That looks like a fun book. Thanks for sharing it with us. Char

rcsnickers said...

I found your blog on Friday and love the idea of a new book every Monday! Where do you get the books you review? The graphic link on the side, can I put that on my blog to link to your children's book blog? If not, then I will add you on the side link for others to visit. Thanks for sharing these great reads with us!


Christine said...

I haven' t read this one but have read others by the same author. Thanks for reviewing this one!

Kendra said...

We have several of the Henkes books and love them! His characters are adorable, and usually quite relatable. We'll have to check out Chester next :)

chickadee said...

we love kevin henkes. one of our favorites is owen.

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