Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Ego Boost, a Meltdown, and a Prayer Request

When Corban asked me to show him my muscles the other day, I happily obliged, for I have been following Miss Holly's workout program of stick-em-in-wherever-you-can pushups.

"Wow!" he shouted, showing me his skinny little arms. "They're bigger than mine!" (He did not notice that what hangs beneath my arm is larger than what "rises" above, but I wasn't gonna point that out!)

Later that day, Kevin figured out how to fix something by using his head. When Corban exclaimed over Daddy's genius, Kevin said, "Well, I just used my brains instead of my brawn!"

"What's brawn?" Corban wanted to know. Kevin told him it was another word for muscles, and Corban jumped to his feet and said...

"Mama has HUGE brawns!"

Kevin and Corban left for a trip this morning, and as Daddy went in and out of the house to pack the car, Eliana tried to sneak out with him every time. The following slide show is what an insensitive (but adoring) Mama chose to do with that moment.

Don't you love how she's still trying to read a book in the midst of her sorrow? She is so my daughter! And don't worry. I eventually put the camera down and held my sniffling baby girl - with my huge brawns.

(I think she's over it, though, Daddy! She ate two pieces of fish, a cup of green beans, and a bowl of cottage cheese for dinner. Or perhaps she is like me, and drowns her sorrows in food!?!)


And one last thing - the most important, actually. Kevin's sister is undergoing a double mastectomy tomorrow morning. I mentioned in this post that his mother fought the same battle, but lost it nineteen years ago. Won't you pray with me for Janet's strength, and for the doctors, that they may remove all of the cancer in this final (yes, Lord) surgery?

And as always, I pray a blessed weekend over you, my friends.

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Joel and Jaime said...

I will certainly be praying! Hope all goes well.

Sharon said...

Yes, I will be praying for the doctors and your family.

Tracy said...

I will be praying for Kevin's sister. What a heavy burden she must be feeling.

And, the slide show is adorable! She is beautiful crying or laughing!

Beka said...

Eliana is just too cute! I love her little pigtail. Glad she's over her trauma, and that you were able to comfort her with your "huge brawns" :-)
I will most certainly be praying for Kevin's sister. Is she a believer?

Stacy said...

That is too funny- your "huge brawns"! Absolutely an ego boost. I'll bet Kevin got a big kick out of that! :) And I'm really impressed about the push-ups. Oh my. I couldn't do a push-up if I tried. I am not.even.kidding.
And yes, I noticed the book! Gotta get a little reading in between the tears... :)
And yes. I will pray for Janet.


Jen said...

Arent kids cute when they say things like that

Poor wee
they do break thier hearts sometimes dont they
Daniel crys like that over his Daddy sometimes

Praying for Janet

Have a blessed weekend

Holly said...

Oh goodness! Too many emotions to convey in a wee comment box!

How funny - your BRAWNS!
How Cute! - Eliana
How Clever! - to read while grieved
How Sad! - that Daddy left her...
Yes, I'll pray! - for Kevin's sister.

You have a wonderful weekend too - Elise.

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

As Elise wrapped up Eliana in her love, and comforted her... fed her and nourished her... we pray You will hold Janet and her family close in the days to come... that she will feed on You and You will sustain her...and wipe away the tears... and there may be Joy in the midst as she looks to Your Book. We praise and thank You, Abba Daddy, for being our all these things.
In Jesus name, Amen...

Warm Blessings, Elise...

Danielle said...

I am admiring your techie "brains" Elise - that slide show is cool!
I rely to much on my technical husband, I know:-)

"Emily" is on reserve for us at the library - thanks for your wonderful reviews! It is such an excellent use of blogspace.

And (if I may) I will pray for Janet...


Andrea said...

praying for his sister, Elise.
Eliana is a doll-baby. :)
That looks like my little guy when daddy leaves for work in the morning...

Beverly said...

Okay -- the slide show is adorable. I was laughing out loud. Eliana is a girl after Mrs. S's own heart -- holding on to that book despite it all.

Be proud of those "huge brawns," Elise!

In prayer with you for Janet. Please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...


I never get notices of your new posts!! Eeeek! I am about a week behind!

I am so sorry!

Christine said...

Oh, I will be praying! And Eliana is the most adorable thing!

Wish I had brawns like you...


bluemountainmama said...

dear brawny- LOVE this post! so many lovely and cute family tidbits. your children are going to have such a treasure in your blog, with all these family moments that you post about.......

and i just said a prayer in agreement with you...please keep us updated on janet's health....

QueenHeroical said...

I love the new family picture and the meltdown is classic -- wonderful -- so what I would have done (taking the pictures that is before the hugs.)

Adding my prayers as well.


Maxine said...

Your sister in law just got written on my prayer list.
Thanks for that slide show--loved it! Being a mom can be a lot of fun. Gotta capture those moments! We'll be waiting for word on Janet's situation.

Christine said...

I just linked to you for the meltdown pictures. So cute!

Grafted Branch said...

Praying for healing and peace.

Love, love love the pictures of the baby...she sounds hysterical! And not in a funny way. ;) lol.

Cindi said...

Oh, I have been absent for a couple of days and I missed this. I pray that all went well. How is she doing?

Audrey said...

Yes, girls seem to be really good at least the one in this house is ;-)

I will be praying!

Munchkin Land said...

I will definitely be praying for Kevin's sister and your daughter is too, too cute. (Crying and all!)

I tried leaving a comment on the post above this one but it said that comments were closed by a Blog administrator. =( I LOVED that post; such a great analogy, once again! I wonder how often God shakes His head and wonders when we'll learn to JUST turn to Him. I'm sure its a life-long struggle, huh?

I hope you're having a blessed weekend!

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