Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Morning Prayers

O God, I marvel that no two mornings are ever quite the same despite my routine:

That no single day is without its surprises;
That no least happening is beyond your knowledge;
That no ordinary task I have to do is outside your interest;
That no situation which poses a problem is beyond your solution;
That no distance is too far, though 'I take the wings of the morning';
That no isolation need spell loneliness, though 'I dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea';
That no sinful act of mine can put me outside your love and forgiveness and restoration.

Give me the courage I need today to face up to anything I'm afraid of.
Give me conscientiousness about every part of the work entrusted to me.
Give me a spirit of cheer and friendliness. For Your sake.


Rita Snowden - A Woman's Book of Prayers

Indeed, despite my routine of beginning here, praying by lamplight, it is but momentary and fleeting.

Soon, little feet come stumbling down the hall, sleep being rubbed away by sweaty little fists. A fragrant hug and whispered, "Good morning" begins the day for all. (Rotate with any number of morning catastrophes - wet pajama bottoms, lost teeth, fevers, poopy diapers and crib sheets...)

We'll dress and pull the sheets straight, adjust the stuffed animals so they sit in a tidy row, then sit at the table, where homemade granola and corn flakes make their regular appearance. The chants of catechism rise heavenward, as do the wisps of smoke from a no-longer-needed lantern wick. (Or, jammies stay on; breakfast is skipped to run out the door on errand day; a rowdy boy requires discipline during Bible time with Daddy...)

School will begin with soft music playing in the background, a snack of apples and raisins within reach. The phone is ignored during test time, and the baby plays quietly with her dolls and playhouse. (Or school is delayed while Mama digs out from the night before; she hits play on the stereo and "A Spoonful of Sugar" pours out instead of Fernando Ortega; an important phone call comes in and the children see this as an opportunity - to play; the baby, having been swatted for dumping the dvd's six times, cries inconsolably until Mama holds her while trying to write lesson plans for tomorrow...)

This is just the first part of the morning.

Yes, the days are as varied as the spring weather that is blown across the sky by April's wind. I must remember not to plan too far ahead, for the wrinkles popping up along the path are sure to become waves if I hold too tightly to a plan.

I wouldn't have it any other way, would you? And I am so thankful for His knowledge, His interest, His forgiveness, restoration, and presence.

I must go. It is time for another un-typical day to begin. Oh, may I allow Him to carry me through it, to navigate those wrinkles and waves with me, and may my spirit of cheer be unshaken.

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Andrea said...

Amen, sister.
Also, don't forget His mercies...
they are new every morning. *smile*

Sarah said...

I think you're wise starting your day at the feet of the Lord. I often don't get to my quiet time until the girl's naptime, sometimes not until right before I go to bed. But on mornings like this morning, when the night has been rough and I'm tired and grumpy and needing an attitude adjustment, these are the mornings when I recognize that a first thing in the morning quiet time really is the best time to do it. Thanks for your perspective on letting the Lord carry us through every moment of the day. I often cling to His mercies being new every MOMENT, not only every morning. Isn't He good! Have a great day.

Beverly said...

I love the morning prayer you shared. I am chuckling inside as your words paint a picture. Some days go so -- according to plan, while other days - just - don't. May God help us all to "navigate those wrinkles" as you so aptly put it. Blessings on your day, Elise.

Mrs. "M" said...

Thanks for the reminder....pointing me too right thinking and perspective.
It always humbles me to think of just how interested He is in my daily life.

Cindi said...

Motherhood is not for wimps eh? We can adopt that Marine slogan, no pain, no gain! I love the prayer you started with. I might have to write that down to use myself.

Christine said...

My mornings look much more like your phrases in parentheses lately. Elliot's been causing major hassles during school time. *sigh* I guess the pliable baby days are gone...toddlerhood is upon us!

Jen said...

We are bleeded to have Him walk through each and every day with us

bluemountainmama said...

that is a wonderful prayer....
and wonderful thoughts. having only one child, our days tend to be a little quieter, but their definitely are THOSE days.......

and i love your family easter picture....beautiful!

Maxine said...

That's homeschooling all right! It's just now getting to be more "typical" from day to day here with our one almost highschooler. BTW, I'm glad to see that you are doing catechism. That's a blessing. It's been a while, but I love to blog about the children's catechism. I don't know which you're using, but it's refreshing to hear that you're catechizing your children. The Lord bless you, little mother, as you serve Him in all these varied duties.

Tracy said...

What a beautiful commentary. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to see that we ALL have normal lives!

Trina said...

I'm new to reading your blog and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Don't early mornings with the Lord make such a difference. It is so refreshing to see what a dependence you have on the Father. I loved the prayer. Have a blessed day.

The Preacher's Wife said...

My days also fall in the parentheses...I'll treasure the distractions..There will be a day when I won't be able to gather enough clothes to make a load..It may be a loonnnngg way away but it is coming all the same..:)

Kelly said...

While I have to be careful to not let "un-typical" days get me stressed (yes, I like control), He is so faithful to bring me joy in the unexpected. What an adventure to serve Him. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to gird myself in prayer each morning for whatever He has for me.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Elise, I love so much that you included the photo of your family in the sidebar, maybe some day I'll get such courage : )

And I wanted to thank you for your understanding of my commenting less/differently. Will have to see how this all plays out...

A Blessed Week <>< Wendy

Miriam said...

This is a fresh breath of grace. Thanks, Elise.

Beka said...

What a wonderful picture of your beautiful family. Enjoy it, every minute of it. Right now, my life is pretty predictable, but I do so long for a day when, if God wills, my life will be more UNpredictable, made so by the presence of little ones!
I love that prayer that you posted in the beginning: I'm going to have to copy that one down and post it somewhere!
Such beautiful words, as usual, my friend!
May your "spirit of cheer be unshaken" today!

Joel and Jaime said...

What a beautiful post, and so true! I love the new family photo too :)

Lizard Princess said...

Hi! I saw you on bluemountainmommas blog and I am encouraged just by finding you! I love the theme of your blog- the Ecclesiaties references for your posts is great!

You're right- GOD IS GOOD! And as a friend of mine once said, "A good day for me isn't necessarily a good day for God's work IN me."

Peace & blessing to you, lady!

Kendra said...

The second half of your post had me laughing and nodding in agreement! It seems like the more we seek to do 'our best' the more we see the impossibility of perfection. May we continue to take on those "wrinkles" or sometimes tidal waves with his grace.
Thanks for sharing this with us, Elise. Your family pic is very sweet :)

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