Monday, July 09, 2007

Children's Book Monday

A Story For Bear
by Dennis Haseley
Illustrated by Jim LaMarche

Snuggle up with your little bears, and read them a tale that is sure to remind them of you, and all of the magic you bring to life through the stories you read.

A young bear lives in the woods, where he finds a scrap of paper one day. He examines the writing carefully, and carries it to his cave where he keeps it for years, wondering at its markings.

One summer afternoon, he wanders far away from his cave, and finds a cabin with brightly colored laundry on the line, and a woman reading. He is so fascinated by her expressions as she reads; gripping the book tightly, eyes wide, or laughing out loud. And when he lumbers back to his cave, he is startled by a blue jay call, because he thinks, for a moment, that it is the woman, laughing.

When he finds her chair unoccupied one day, and one of the mysterious books lying there, he flips it open, staring at the paper, taking in the scents of glue and ink. And the next time he returns, she is waiting for him. "Come here. Come here, bear," she calls. "There once was a sailor..." And as he listens to her voice, rising and falling softly, he knows he can't understand any of what she is saying, but happiness "washes over him like waves".

Day after day, all summer long, he returns to be read to. And she reads stories for her bear.

When the season changes, and the woman must leave, she prepares a gift for him, to keep him company all winter long. And he has a gift for her, too.

I love this book, for it tells my story, as a woman who really feels her books - and my children relate to the giant bear, for they know what it is to not understand words, but understand the heart.

Do "voices" for your children. Lay out in the sun on a cool blanket and transport them to another time with your inflection. Gather them close to your sides when the story is frightening, and laugh together with delight over the antics in your books.

It is a gift to be read to, and it is a gift to read.

Happy Reading!

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Joyful Days said...

This is beautiful! I will check and see if we have it at our library.


Beverly said...

This is going on the list, my dear. I, for one, love bears. I don't think I'll be able to resist reading this over and over to my girl!

Love Bears All Things said...

You know any book about Bears goes on my list. I will check it out at the bookstore tomorrow. I didn't read all of it because I wanted to read it to my little ones.
And let me just say here, I love the music on your website. Sometimes I just pull your site up and leave it while I visit others.
Mama Bear

Maxine said...

I LOVE doing voices and bears have always been big in our house.

I came over to ask you to come over and sign my hubby's birthday card. It wouldn't be complete without you! Thanks, dear!

Tarah said...

I found your link through my sister Katie Eagy. I know lots of your family too! :) What a blessing you are. I have been snooping for a while. I feel blessed and refreshed coming here. Thank you for sharing your heart.:)
Tarah Herdegen

The Small Scribbler said...

Oh! I love this idea. We sit on the sofa and read and read. I will be back for next Monday.

I love your site. I stop once in a while and study the way you weave words and my writing gets better for the time I spend here.


Bloggin' with a basket o' clothes at my side said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the book, ideas!

I'll be back for sure.

Keep in touch,


Me said...

Oh, your sidebar photo makes me sad - Eliana looks so big! I don't see baby, only toddler. :(

I love the warmth of these illustrations! And I like what you say here: It is a gift to be read to, and it is a gift to read.

Are you familiar with John Goodall? You might like his books. I wrote a review of him at Suite101 and I have a bit about him at my childhood blog (including an illustration from one of his books).

I thought there was another children's book I wanted to tell you about but I don't recall what it was. Ah well, another time.

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